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Do security cameras record audio?

Security cameras record videos all the time, and I believe people are aware of that. But sometimes we need to listen to what’s happening close to the camera, which raises the question “Do security camera record audio?” The answer is, yes, security cameras can record audio if a microphone/audio input is available, and the video recorder …

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DVR default password list (2020)

Here you can find a DVR default password list for the most models.Be aware that for the new DVR models, some manufacturers changed the way the password is handled and you have to create a new one during the setup.This list was updated in 2020 and it’s working. Here it is…DVRUSERPASSWORDAlphadigiadmin<empty>American Dynamicsadminadmin256Amcrest HDCVI DVRadminadminAVTECHadminadminBSCadmin666666COPadmin<empty>Citroxadmin<empty>DahuaadminadminDK Segadmin<empty>Citroxadmin<empty>DSSadmin888888Everfocusadmin11111111Foscamadmin<empty>FVNadmin123456HDLadmin12345Hikvisionadmin12345HoneywellAdmin123456Ivioadmin<empty>Multitocadmin88888888Multiviewadmin<empty>Pelcoadmin<empty>Pentaxxyadmin86244455Posonicadmin<empty>Posonicadmin888888Posonicadmin111111Posonicadmin666666Posonicaa11Posonicguest<empty>Posonicguest888888Posonicuser666666Q-Seeadminadmin …

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