DVR date and time problem (solved)

If you are facing a DVR date and time problem, this article is for you.

Usually, the DVR (or NVR) won't save the date correctly which can cause a major problem with the video recording wrong date and that's critical. 

Let's take a look at what are the common issues related to that...

What causes the DVR data and time problem?

Different things that can cause this problem, here's a list of them:

The DVR or NVR motherboard battery is dead

Most of the time a battery that is no longer charged can cause the issue with the wrong date and time. Since the battery is dead, the DVR can't keep important data when the power is lost or the device is rebooted.

The picture below shows a battery in an NVR motherboard. 

DVR battery

Every device that relies on dynamic data such as the date and time needs a battery to keep everything working correctly.

This other picture shows the detail of the battery in the motherboard, for this specific device the battery is a vertical position but in others, it can be found in the horizontal position.

DVR internal battery

To solve the problem you just need to replace the battery for a new one.

The type of battery used by the DVRs and NVRs is CR2032.

Wrong timezone

It's necessary to adjust the device's clock to use the correct timezone that corresponds to your location.

You can visit the Time Zone Map to look for the information.

Get into the DVR/NVR menu and adjust the timezone properly.

Daylight Savings Time (DST)

Make sure you have adjusted when the daylight savings time begins.

This configuration can affect the date and time that is displayed and recorded.

The NTP service is changing the date and time

This is also a common problem related to DVR/NVR date and time.

The NTP (Network Time Protocol) is an international standard that allows the devices to synchronize with an NTP server to adjust the date and time and that is done via the Internet at regular intervals.

If your DVR or NVR connects to such a server and updates the date and time this can change the adjustment you have done manually.

To solve the problem you just need to get into the device's NTP menu and adjust the timezone or simply turn off the service if you prefer to adjust manually.

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