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Can my neighbor point a security camera at my property?

So your neighbor has a new surveillance system and you are concerned with the question, can my neighbor point a security camera at my property?This is a very common question which bothers people whose neighbors have security cameras. And the answer may vary according to the place you live.The security camera legalityWe must know the […]

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Can I Have Security Cameras In My House

Can I Have Security Cameras In My House?

Some people keep asking me the question “can I have security camera in my house?” and that’s a common concern, especially if you are not the only one  living in the place and want to make sure you are not doing something illegal.The answer to this question is, yes you can have security cameras in […]

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How Far Can A Security Camera See

How Far Can A Security Camera See (Learn How to Use a Calculator)

If your concern is how far a security camera can see, you must understand a little bit about camera’s field of view (FoV), resolution, and distance. Knowing how far your security camera can see will give you an idea with regards to where and how you can better set up your surveillance system. Therefore, leaving no […]

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family with google home and ring cam

Security Cameras That Work With Google Assistant and Alexa (read before buying)

Security cameras that work with Google Assistant and Alexa are pretty common now and you can find them everywhere.Before buying your security camera, you should know which features are available and if they worth the price you are going to pay, so let’s discuss that…Later in this article, I’ll show you some examples of security […]

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security camera condensation

How to Prevent Security Camera Condensation

When installing security systems, you need to consider the weather and learn how to prevent security camera condensation. That’s the main topic of this article.Don’t worry if you have this problem, it usually affects security camera lenses, therefore obstructing and blurring images, but it’s not hard to fix that.Security camera condensation affects your safetyCondensation is […]

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Security camera in the bathroom

Are Security Cameras Allowed In Bathrooms?

How would you feel if you find out that there are security cameras in the bathrooms, especially in public toilets? Well, the initial reaction most of us would have is a feeling of invasion of privacy.Naturally! Imagine somebody “spying” on you while you are using the bathroom! If this is the case, you might feel […]

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Hikvision IP camera reset button

How to reset a Hikvision camera (back to factory defaults)

There are different ways to reset a Hikvision camera to factory default.If you have an IP camera, just open it up and look for the reset button.Hikvision camera hard resetIn a Hikvision camera, usually the reset button is located close to the memory card slot. You can easily find it even without any indication, since […]

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contractor installing a security camera system

How Much Does a Security Camera System Cost?

Installing home security systems is not just about the cost of the security camera.It also means the expenses you will incur on installation, professional fees on monitoring, maintenance, and other additional services.The cost of home security systems includes the unit, installation, professional monitoring, and subscription plans combined. Let us discuss these details.Security Camera Equipment PricesIncluded […]

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12-Volt security camera power-supply example

12-volt Security Cameras: Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Usually, the most common choice of small business owners and homeowners are 12-volt security cameras. However, before considering this choice, there are several questions which need to be answered before deciding on the best model.In this article, you will understand how to choose the best 12-volt security camera.The lack of technical information for the 12-volt […]

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CCTV security camera for surveillance in green park

How to choose the best outdoor security camera (read before buying)

Before purchasing outdoor security cameras you need to understand some important facts that will help you to get the best kit and even save some money.In this article, I explain how to choose security cameras for your porch and other areas around the house, since there are a lot of different options out there.Theft and […]

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