Are Wyze cameras ONVIF compatible?

Are Wyze cameras ONVIF compatible? This is a common question on Wyze forums.

Wyze Cameras are not ONVIF compatible in 2020

Unfortunately, the Wyze cameras are not compatible with the ONVIF protocol yet but there are other ways to make the cameras work with third-party software.

==> To learn more about this protocol, read the article What is ONVIF and also the article ONVIF protocol, the benefits and drawbacks.

There's no ONVIF implementation plan for the Wyze Cameras (yet)

I'm writing this article in 2020 and to date, there's no statement from the Wyze official web site about plans for the implementation of this protocol. 

Since 2018 people are asking for ONVIF implementation on the Wyze cameras.

Back there, the Wyze Cam team was considering a possible future implementation of the protocol but two years later there's no new about such consideration.

What is ONVIF useful for ?

In a nutshell, ONVIF is a standard protocol that allows the interconnection between devices such as IP cameras, recorders, software and other devices used on access control systems, even if they are from different manufactures.

The question "are Wyze Cameras ONVIF compatible?" is common because people want to stream the video to other software and platform such as Blue Iris

Most surveillance cloud services are ONVIF compatible.

What is the ONVIF alternative for Wyze Cam?

That's simple. You can use the RTSP protocol to stream the video from the Wyze Cam to different software and platforms.

Talking again about the Blue iris software, it widely uses this protocol for most of the camera set up and communication, the same is true for Angelcam cloud.

So, basically, you just need to change the approach and look for solutions that accept RTSP for communication. It's a smart workaround 😉

How to use Wyze Cam with other devices

You can also communicate your Wyze Cam with other devices and play with automation using the IFTTT (If This Than That) platform that is also very popular.

It's possible to trigger actions based on events that happen on the Wyze Cam.

To learn more visit the official IFTTT web site.


Wyze cameras ONVIF compatible is a dream for a lot of people that love this awesome product, however, it's not a reality yet.

Anyway, you can still use other platforms and protocols as a workaround.

Meanwhile, let's wait for some new from the Wyze Labs team 🙂

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