Are Wyze cameras encrypted ?

You install security cameras to make sure your place is safe, but perhaps you are wondering "Are Wyze cameras encrypted ?" Let's talk about that.

Are Wyze Cameras Encrypted

Yes, Wyze cameras are encrypted and have safe communication with the servers.

Of course, they are not 100% safe because there's no such thing on the Internet.

Anyway, Wyze Labs is making an effort to make the product as safe as possible.

The Wyze Cam encryption

The Wyze cameras are encrypted via AES 128-bit encryption.

That's the way people from the marketing and technical support department describe their products, but this information is not that clear, is it ?

OK, let's break it down this information in a way everybody can understand.

The Wyze Cam uses the 128-bit encryption which means a 128-bit key is used to encrypt and decrypt the data and that is safe and almost impossible to break.

By using a 128-bit key for encryption, it would take thousands of years to a supercomputer test the different possible combinations.

So, a hacker with a regular PC or laptop can't break such encryption.

Why encryption is important ?

Encryption is important to secure your data and make sure nobody else has access to it, especially when such data is traveling via the Internet.

The Wyze Cam sends videos from the camera to a server and back to your mobile devices, so it must be encrypted to guarantee that people are not watching it.

Your personal data such as email, username, and password are sent to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) via the https protocol using TLS (Transport Layer Security) which makes the connection safe from possible interception.

Make sure your Wyze Cam is safe

There's a vulnerability known as KRACK which allows attackers to break into devices with Wi-Fi connections. Your camera uses Wi-Fi and must be protected.

Please update your Wyze Cam to the latest firmware to fix the problem.

Make sure your Wyze Cam v2 is using firmware or newer and your Wyze Cam Pan is using firmware or newer.

Unfortunately, the Wyze Cam v1 is vulnerable and there's no update for it. 

Visit the Wyze Cam support page to get the latest firmware.

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