Zosi DVR Internet connection (for remote access via mobile)

In this article I will teach you to setup the Zosi DVR Internet connection so you can have remote access to your cameras using a mobile phone.

Zosi DVR mobile App

The process is very simple, you just need to configure the DVR IP address along with its network parameters and setup the Zosi View Mobile App.

Zosi DVR network setup

The first step is to setup the DVR network. The Zosi DVR either needs to automatically get an IP address from your local router or you can manually input such information.

The DVR IP address must be in the same IP address range of your computer, but don't worry because your router can automatically give your DVR the correct one if you use the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) feature.

As an example, if your network has the IP range 192.168.2.x (where X is a number between 1 and 254) the Zosi DVR can get an IP such as the

Step-by-step network setup

Just follow the step-by-step process to setup the Zosi DVR network:

1. Login into the DVR using the admin credentials;

Zosi DVR Login Screen

2. In the Setup menu, click the Network icon;

Zosi DVR Setup Screen

3. Check the box "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" and click "Test";

Zosi DVR Network Menu DHCP

4. Click "Apply" and "Exit" to return to the previous menu;

Zosi DVR Network Menu Exit

5. Click the "Basic" icon;

Zosi DVR Setup Basic

6. Click the "Network" icon;

Zosi DVR Network Information

7. Make sure the Cloud Server Status is "Connected";

Zosi DVR Network status

As you can see in the above picture the Zosi DVR has all the network parameters correctly configured. In this example, the IP is, the Gateway and the Preferred DNS is Keep in mind that your configuration might be different according to your network IP range given by the router.

The next step is to configure the Mobile App (Zosi View).

Zosi View Mobile App Installation

To be able to remotely view your cameras you need to install the Zosi View Mobile App or the computer software ithink PC client available at the Zosi Website.

Your Zosi DVR will basically send the video streaming to the Internet using the cloud service, that's why you need to make sure everything is working as described in step 7 above (please don't skip that part).

To install the Zosi View mobile App,  just follow the instructions below:

1. Download and install the Zosi View Mobile App for IOS or Android;

Zosi View Mobile App on Android Store

2. Click "Accept" to allow the App to have access to the camera

Zosi View Mobile App Auth

3. Click "Open" to bring the Zosi View App to live

Zosi View Mobile App Open

4. Create a user ID, a password and input your email

Zosi DVR App Register

5. Log in into the App with the credentials you just created 

Zosi DVR App User Center

Make sure your mobile is connected to the Internet for the login process. 

Next step is to add the DVR to the Zosi View App.

Zosi View Mobile App Setup

Now it's time to add your DVR to the App, you can either scan a QR code available at the DVR label or input the number manually.


Follow the steps to add the Zosi DVR to the App:

1. Open the App, click on "Device Manager" and on the icon at the top right;

Zosi App Device Manager

2. Click the "+" icon to add a new device;

Zosi App Add Device

3. Enter a name for the DVR and click the "scan icon"; 

Zosi App Add Device-Scan QR Code

4. Point the mobile's camera to the DVR's QR Code; 

Zosi DVR Password Reset Scan QR Code

5. Enter the admin password (the same used in the Zosi DVR); 

Zosi App Add Device added

Now, the Zosi DVR is ready to show the live cameras.

View the Zosi DVR cameras

Just click the Live Preview and choose the device (DVR).

Zosi App Live Preview
Zosi DVR connected to the Internet

And that's all. Now you have your Zosi DVR streaming live.

Most common problems

If you follow the instructions for the Zosi DVR Internet connection setup, chances are everything is working fine. But just in case you have some problem and can't make it work, please check the following: 

Is your Internet up and running ?

Sometimes you can't get your DVR to work remotely just because the Internet is not working. Connect your computer or laptop to the same router the DVR is connected to make sure the Internet is running.

Does the Zosi DVR have an IP address?

Make sure the DVR got an IP from the router as shown in the "Step-by-step network setup " step 7. If the DVR can't get an IP from the router, chances are the router does not have the automatic IP settings also known as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) enabled.

You can either check your router and enable such feature or give the DVR a static IP address. Just go to the DVRs Network Menu to assign an IP that is inside the range of your network (eg. computer;  DVR

You can just copy the other parameters such as gateway and DNS from your computer's configuration.

Is there a firewall configured on your router?

Sometimes a firewall in your Internet router can block some traffic, just make sure your router is not preventing the DVR to send traffic to the Internet.

The username and password is incorrect

Make sure you are using the correct username and password for the App, this usually causes some login problems. Read the article: Zosi invalid password error for more details on how to fix this issue.

You lost the DVR admin password

If you just lost the admin password, you need to reset the DVR to create a new one, just read the article: Zosi DVR password reset to learn how to do it.

Final thoughts 

The DVR network setup is not that hard if you just following the instructions in this article, however, sometimes people are interested in learning more to become a CCTV professional installer or designer. If that's your case just take a look at the Ultimate Security Camera Guide Collection, just click the links below: