Set The Privacy Mask On Hikvision Device

Privacy Mask on Hikvision can be a great feature when utilized in the correct situations. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up a privacy mask on Hikvision’s cameras.

What is a Privacy Mask on Hikvision devices?

Privacy masking allows users to exclude specific areas of cameras from recording permanently. Thus, you can block off perimeters that your camera should not have access to.

This can include your neighbor’s porch, windows, door, or yard. Sometimes, in-camera placement, the angles can’t cover your home without recording the neighbors as well. In comes privacy masks to save the day.

That explains the name; it shields or masks areas considered private either to you or other parties—keeping the recordings out of that general area. But does that mean that security cameras are an invasion of privacy? Find out more in the article.

How to enable Privacy Mask on Hikvision cameras?

If you need this, keep on reading the instructions below on how to turn on Privacy Mask on Hikvision cameras. In this article, we will use the GUI 4.0 interface, but the steps are the same in older interfaces. 

Here are the steps to enable the privacy Mask on a Hikvision NVR

  1. Click the camera icon on the top of the page;
  2. Click on “Privacy Mask” on the left side of the screen;
  3. Select the camera you want to create the privacy mask;
  4. Draw the privacy mask boxes in the desired areas;
  5. Click the “Apply” button.

The following pictures show the details on how to enable the privacy mask on a Hikvision HVR 4.0.

The steps are as follows. Enter the camera section and choose the camera you will be working on.

On the left, you should see an option called “Privacy Mask.” Select it.

Now you will be prompted to draw a box on top of the area you do not want the camera to record. Note that you do not have to use just one box—instead, mix and match multiple boxes of various sizes to cover the private area correctly and fully.

Once you have finished drawing, ensure that the enable box is selected, and click “Apply” to save the settings. Now you will need to go to the camera’s live view and open it to full screen.

Like the example below, the selected areas should show as black boxes and have to appear on the live feed. If they do so, they will also appear in any and all recordings later on.

Hikvision NVR with Privacy Mask On

These settings can also be altered using the web browser if needed. To do so, open the NVR on your computer and add in your credentials. Once logged in, find the camera settings and apply said privacy mask as mentioned before.

If you want to revert to normal, reverse the steps and uncheck the Privacy Mask box in the settings. This feature is highly used to allow other parties to have privacy, and as a homeowner, this is extremely important when giving your neighbors privacy in their own home.

Final Thoughts

The best part about the Privacy Mask on Hikvision cameras is that once you have changed the settings, you do not need to worry about any recordings or live feed, even if you see it on a smartphone or tablet.

So now there are no issues with neighbors, and you can still feel secure and have your cameras set up. Everyone wins!