Security camera motion detection not working

In any smart home security system, one of the critical features to have is motion detection. It is crucial to know what is happening around your home and get a notification from time to time. But what if it is not working?

This article will talk about motion detection and what to do if yours is not working. I will take you step by step, from problems with the camera to notifications on your phone.

motionb detection not working

Possible solutions to your motion detection issue

First, you should be aware that this problem can have multiple solutions. The problem can be the camera, as it can be unresponsive. Still, it could also be the fact that the motion detection is not working or not enabled.

Other problems can be the notifications, the app, or a delay in motion caused by a problem with the camera or the wifi connection.

Apps and notifications for motion detection not working

Before you go off tearing the camera apart and calling customer service, the easiest thing to check first is the app.

First, check if any updates are going on, and check if the notification settings are enabled for motion detection.

Keep in mind that each type of camera is different. But nowadays, many allow you to adjust the times you will be notified or even the detector's sensitivity.

By playing around with the settings, you might find out why you are not getting notified. Other issues can include the need for an update or the need to connect your camera to the app again.

Many companies are continually fixing any bugs in their system. These unresolved technical problems can impact the performance of your camera. Therefore, it is possible that it might interfere with your camera's ability to detect motion. 

Ensure you always update your camera and the app, and it should not give you a hard time.


motion detection is key in a camera

Sometimes cameras bug out a little, so resetting the camera can be a good idea to ensure the issue is not superficial. Turning the camera off and on can help.

Apart from that, when using wireless cameras, the issue may be on the wifi or the connection to the router. 

By resetting the wifi and connecting the camera again, your issue might be solved instantly, as these cameras rely on the internet to work and alert you. Therefore, a lack of internet causes them to be useless when it comes to motion detection.

If you find that the connection is being an issue, try placing the wireless camera closer to the router to enable easier and faster detection.

Different angles for motion detection

Keep in mind that the camera sees what you point at. Make sure nothing is blocking your camera's view. Objects such as trees can end up blocking the camera's vision and can stop the camera from detecting motion.

Cameras that detect motion should not be placed behind glass windows because they can block the line of sight and keep your camera from alerting you when someone is at the door or sneaking into your backyard.

Be aware that objects far from the camera are most likely to not be detected. Don't think everything in your camera's field of view can be detected. 

It would be best if you strategically placed cameras at an angle covering the most ground to get the most out of it. While also decreasing the number of false alarms and increasing your peace of mind.

Last resorts

important notifications about motion detection not working

If the motion detection is not working after all these steps, you should contact the company. This is when purchasing from a reliable brand comes into play. 

Suppose you purchased your camera from a cheap and unreliable brand. In that case, you might run into some trouble contacting them or getting some help.

Therefore, you should always buy from big companies that will provide you with long-term assistance and replace a defective camera.

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The bottom line

It is usual for people to get frustrated if their phone is blowing up with false motion detection alarms. But it is better to get tons of messages than none at all.

Motion detection is an excellent addition to any camera, mainly because it can keep your household safer while keeping you calm by alerting you if anyone is trying to enter your home.

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