Wyze cam motion detection not working

If you have a problem with the Wyze cam motion detection not working, here you can find a quick solution to make it work correctly.

Wyze camera motion detection

I had this problem and could fix it, so I can help you to fix yours.

Let's take a look at how to deal with the problem...

Why the motion detection is not working?

Usually, the motion detection problem is related to the camera setup, if you didn't configure it properly your Wyze Cam is not going to work as expected.

But the problem could be also related to other factors.

Here are the main reasons the Wyze Cam motion detection doesn't work:

  1. The motion detection feature is not enabled on the camera.
  2. Incorrect motion detection configuration.
  3. There's a glitch in the firmware.
  4. The movement in front of the camera is not enough to trigger the detection.
  5. Hardware failure.

You just need to check which one of them is causing the problem.

Let's dive in into the solutions:

The Wyze Cam Motion detection is not enabled

Yes, this looks so simple, but you need to check that part first.

Here's how to check if the motion detection is enabled.

  • Open the Wyze App and click the top right gear.
  • Click "Event Recording".
  • Check if the "Detection Motion" toggle is ON

See below the images that illustrate these steps.

Wyze Camera Settings
Wyze Cam Event Recording
Event Recording Motion-Detection

This the most important step to guarantee the motion detections works.

Incorrect motion detection configuration

You need to make sure the motion detection configuration is correct on your Wyze camera, which includes the sensitivity and the detection zone.

The sensitivity is how much of the movement will be considered to trigger motion detection. if you set it to low, small objects, animals and people that are too far away from the camera won't be detected.

The detection zone is the area the camera is monitoring for movements.

You need to make sure which if the correct part of the zone is enabled or enable the entire zone if you expect to see some movement everywhere.

Here's how to adjust the motion detection settings in the Wyze Cam:

  • Open the Wyze App and click the top right gear.
  • Click "Detection Settings".
  • Adjust the "Sensitivity level".
  • Click on "Detection Zone".
  • Make sure the feature is enabled.
  • Adjust the detection zone area.

The images below show the details of the motion detection settings.

Wyze Camera Settings
Wyze Cam Detection Settings-Button

As you can see, it's possible to adjust the sensitivity from low to high.

Wyze Cam Detection Settings
Wyze Cam Detection Zone button

You need to test it out to see what works better for your case.

Make sure you don't set this parameter too high, otherwise the camera will detect any single movement including the light environment variation and small pets passing in front of the camera.

Sometimes that's too much and you don't want to be bothered for false alerts and neither fill the camera SD card with useless footage.

The next image shows the detection zone area.

Detection Zone

You can drag the corners of the square to adjust the desired area.

Just make sure you won't miss an important area where you want the camera to detect the movement. Perhaps the entire are is a better option.

There's a glitch in the Wyze Cam firmware

Sometimes your camera gets stuck with bad firmware that is not working correctly and you just need to update it to the last version to fix the problem.

Here's how to update the Wyze Cam Firmware:

  • Open the Wyze App.
  • Click on the top-right gear.
  • Click on "Device Info".
  • Click on "firmware version".

The app automatically checks if the camera is using the last firmware version and if it's not, you can just click to confirm you want to update.

Make sure you always have the last firmware version to keep your camera away from insecurity breaches and glitches.

Not enough movement

If your camera is installed in a place where there's no much movement or it's not enough to reach the sensitivity threshold, the camera won't trigger the motion detection.

You can test it by just moving in yourself in front of the camera at different distances.

Hardware failure

The last thing you can check is a hardware failure.

If you've tried to fix the problem but still didn't get good results, it's time to consider a hardware failure.

Check the camera warranty and replace it with a new one. 

And that will do. Now you should have your Wyze Cam motion detection working.

Why the motion detection is important

The motion detection feature allows your camera to record the video only when somebody (or something) moves in front of the camera.

It's very important to set up your system to work this way so it can send alerts and record only when it's necessary.


When you get the Wyze cam motion detection not working you can have problems with events that are important, so you need to make sure the configuration is correct.

If you still have problems, visit the Wyze Cam website and ask for help.

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