How can you disable a CCTV camera?

Sometimes people are not comfortable with someone spying them and look for ways to disable a security camera. So, let's talk about this topic...

Hidden cameras

You certainly want to disable a CCTV camera that is pointed at your bathroom or window that strips you of your privacy, right?

It's necessary to be careful, because sometimes what you are doing this can result in the camera not being able to work again.

You should also keep in mind that tampering with other's property can end up costing you at the end. However, it is your right to have privacy.

What not to do

You should NOT attempt to damage someone's camera in any permanent way, and you might have to use different methods to block the camera's view.

Unless it is your personal camera, you should not cut the wires, pull it down or make any damage to the lens.

This can also include spray painting the lens, breaking it or damaging it in any way, which can lead to charges or being counted as an illegal activity.

Other actions you should not take include, hacking the cameras, utilizing jammers, LEDs, or lasers to damage the lens.

Disable a CCTV camera the right way

disable a CCTV camera to hide from a nosy neighbor

When it comes to your privacy at home or from your neighbors you can pull out somethings around your home that will block the camera's view.

However, make sure that these will not mess with the actual camera or damage it in any way. And there are many ways to do so.

  • Crazy foam
  • Mirror in from of the lens
  • Plastic toys darts
  • Modeling clay
  • Covering the camera

While these will not completely disable a CCTV camera, they will disable the footage from being recorded without damaging the actual camera.

But when dealing with a nosy neighbor who steals from you or watches your every move you might wonder "Can my neighbor point a security camera at my property?"

The sweet and short answer is no, however, the process of going through all of it and taking it down can be extensive. 

But there are many ways you can take it upon yourself to fix the issue at hand without getting authorities involved or having to go down to the court.

Let's go over some solutions you can apply to your problem that can help you get your neighbor to take down their cameras.

Fakes get nowhere

The first way to prevent an unneeded argument is to ensure that the camera is, in fact, real and is recording you.

Many older folks do not know how to operate cameras and can place fakes around their home to feel safer.

You can try to ask your neighbor whether they are real or not. Or you can just bring it up in a casual conversation by asking what brand they are.

Real cameras usually have the company logo or name displayed, LEDs or infrared lights, and wires connected to the camera.

The camera might also not be activated or on. However, in the case that is is a fake, you do not have to go through the rest of the process or worry about being recorded.

However you must be careful as anything these days could be a hidden camera, and they can sure be tricky to detect sometimes.

Talk it out

Talk it out before trying to disable a CCTV camera

The most simple of them all is to have a conversation as to why it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Bring it up in private while speaking to them, and politely ask them to take it down. You can even attempt to ask for them to put themselves in your shoes.

Though the chances are slim because a camera does not place itself, your neighbor might not know it records inside your house and it might make you uncomfortable.

So before you get mad or stressed, have a grown-up conversation over the subject. Your house might be in a blind spot that you do not know about!

Fire with fire

Ever heard of giving someone a taste of their own medicine? Of fighting fire with fire? Well, the solution might be just that.

Instead of trying to figure out how to disable a CCTV camera, you can just put one up instead. Therefore showing your neighbor how it feels to have your privacy stripped from you.

In extreme cases they might end up vandalizing your camera, however, you can then alert the authorities. However, it does not have to come to this.

It could be solved simply. As your neighbor tells you that they are uncomfortable with a camera watching their window, you can express how you are going through the same thing with their camera.

To cause this reaction, you might want to place the camera at a visible spot where your neighbor can see it and then perhaps take theirs down.

But this situation might differ depending on where you live. It might not be your neighbor, but your landlord that has placed cameras to look at your apartment. 

As a tenant, you can quickly remind him of apartment security camera laws! And if the issue does not go away, you can always alert authorities near your area.

Hide your home

Disable a CCTV camera by closing blinds

Though this might not take away from the fact that they are violating your privacy, it might temporarily remedy the situation.

Closing the blinds, or block your home from the camera can also aid in the issue and keep them from peeking into your home.

As long as you do not touch their property, you can grow a tree or bushes in the area to block them off from spying. This is a great alternative to disable a CCTV camera without touching it as you do not own it. 


A big part of winning the argument is understanding the legislation in your area. And for this, you have to roll up your sleeves and dig deep into the internet.

However, you should make sure that you are researching particular information about the area you live in.

You can also present your research to your neighbor to show them it is not legal to strip you of your privacy at home.

Information can usually be found in government sites or local authorities can also provide you with knowledge on the subject.

Keep in mind your country's laws can sometimes differ from state to state. Regions and cities can also have their own regulations.

Alert authorities

Alert authorities

If you tried to reason with your neighbor and it did not work you might have to contact lawyers or the police to fix the issue.

And you can also ask your communities if you are the only one with an issue with the person, as you might not be alone in this.

You might have the right and want to sue them, or the police might settle the argument. But it is effective to get a mediator involved to settle it.

If the issue resides in the community, you might be able to fix the issue within yourselves without contacting the police.

The bottom line

All in all, there are many solutions to deal with a nosy neighbor. However, you should not vandalize their camera to get your privacy back.

With the right procedures, your neighbor will have to stop spying and leave you alone. So just take it step by step and you will be just fine.

Do you have a nosy neighbor? Share your story below to help others or just to have a laugh!