Download Hikvision VSPlayer

VSPlayer is a downloadable media player that supports video files. Even encoded ones by Hikvision products such as IP cameras and recorders like NVRs and DVRs. Download Hikvision VSPlayer from this post.

The VSPlayer can provide users with various playback options and parameters to adjust modes. It also offers multiple-display output and can play any recordings that were exports of a Hikvision recorder.

This media player can withstand video streaming from Hikvision devices and allows playing, editing of recorded footage, and live viewing. Furthermore, the software also supports timestamps, streaming features, and more.

In addition, with the download comes Format Converter Tools as a default. Which gives users the option to convert their Hikvision footage into more popular and commonly used video formats.

Hikvision VS Player
Hikvision VSPlayer

Moreover, adding footage is simple and can be done by either dragging the desired footage and releasing it on top of the main window or by clicking the plus (+) button and selecting the files.

When you download Hikvision VSPlayer, you should keep in mind that the application only supports two kinds of video imports; including Hikivision files or MP4 files from your computer. Need to know how to play Hikvision MP4 files? Look no further than our other post.

Where To Download Hikvision VSPlayer

Whether you have a Mac or Windows, you can download the VSPlayer 7.4.3 down below via the official Hikvision Website.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the limited video import capabilities, the other functions make this media player worth it. These include, but are not limited to, play control, digital zooming, fisheye expansion, and continuous capture.

Overall, if you download Hikvision VSPlayer, you will have plenty of features to watch or edit your footage. Thus think of this media player as a toolbox that grants users access to a converter, live streaming, file merging, and an editing tool all in one!