Add Wisenet Camera to ACS

How to Add Wisenet Cameras to Axis Camera Station (via ONVIF)

In this article, I show how to add Wisenet cameras to the Axis Camera Station.The Wisenet cameras don’t integrate directly with ACS but can work via ONVIF.Some Wisenet cameras are also known as Samsung Techwin or Hanwha Techwin cameras since they are part of the same manufacturer/brand.I’ve tested the Wisenet QNO-6010R, and it worked in the Axis Camera Station.Add Wisenet cameras […]

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Camera added to the App

How to set up Wisenet mobile (step-by-step)

In this article, I explain how to set up Wisenet mobile and add your IP cameras.If you have Wisenet cameras, this may be interested you. Keep reading.You can use the Wisenet mobile app to display your camera live and playback the recorded footage. The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes.The Wisenet Mobile […]

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Wisenet DDNS

Wisenet DDNS Setup (The Best Guide)

It’s important to learn the Wisenet DDNS setup process to have remote access to the IP cameras and recorders via the Internet.In this article, I explain everything you need to know to understand how the DDNS works and I show a real example with a camera I purchased on eBay.As a former Hanwnha Techwin employee, […]

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Wisenet Device Manager is Not Working

Wisenet Device Manager not working

If the Wisenet Device Manager is not working and can’t find the device in the network I have a quick fix for the problem, just keep reading…This software is designed to work in the local network to find Wisenet IP cameras, DVR, NVRs, and encoders manufactured by Hanwha Techwin and Samsung Techwin (Hanwha predecessor).If the […]

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Wisenet Device Manager Setup

Wisenet Device Manager Setup

Let’s talk about the Wisenet Device Manager software.It’s the tool used by technicians and installers to find and configure Wisenet (and old Samsung Ipolis) cameras in the network.This software is simple to use, let’s dive into some details…Wisenet Device Manager featuresThis software is very useful to find devices manufactured by Hanwha Techwin and Samsung Techwin […]

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Who makes the Wisenet Cameras

Who makes Wisenet cameras

I’ve seen people asking the question “who makes Wisenet cameras” and I’m proud to answer this question because I’ve worked for the manufacturer.Hanwha Techwin makes Wisenet cameras as part of its security product line. The company is formerly known as Samsung Techwin.Despite the fact that some old security cameras come with the Samsung logo, the […]

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How to reset the wisenet cameras

How to reset Wisenet Cameras

In this article, I show how to reset Wisenet cameras.There are different lines of products under the brand Wisenet.Hanwha Techwin (former Samsung Techwin) manufactures professional and consumer security cameras for different segments of the market.Anyway, the way the camera reset is done is similar in different products.Here, I talk about the professional product line (high-end […]

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