How to reset Wisenet Cameras

In this article, I show how to reset Wisenet cameras.

How to reset wisenet cameras

There are different lines of products under the brand Wisenet.

Hanwha Techwin (former Samsung Techwin) manufactures professional and consumer security cameras for different segments of the market.

Anyway, the way the camera reset is done is similar in different products.

Here, I talk about the professional product line (high-end products).

Let's see the details....

The Wisenet Camera reset process

To reset a Wisenet camera press and hold the reset button for 5 to 20 seconds (depending on the model) and wait for the LED to blink to indicate that the process is completed. The camera reboots and loads the factory default configuration.,

After the reset,  you can start the setup all over again.

Here are some examples of how to reset different models...

Box cameras

This is an example of a professional security camera model SNB-7000.

Wisenet Box Camera Reset Button

It's an old and discontinued camera but you still can find it around.

Here's the step-by-step to reset it.

  1. Press and hold the reset button
  2. Wait for about 5 seconds until the LED turns off
  3. Release the button

And it's done. Your SNB-7000 will reboot and you can start the setup again.

The process is similar for other box models described in the list below:

SNB-5003, SNB-5004, SNB-6003, SNB-6004, SNB-6005, SNB-6010, SNB-6010A, SNB-6010B, SNB-6011, SNB-6011B, SNB-7000, SNB-7004, SNB-8000, SNB-9000, SNZ-6320, NXB-6000, TNB-9000, XNB-6001, XNB-6005, XNB-8000, XNB-H6240Z, XNB-H6241A, XNZ-6320, XNZ-L6320.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras have a similar reset process, you just need to open it up to find the reset button as I show in the images below.

Wisenet Dome Camera Reset Button

Here's the process to reset the camera:

  1. Remove the dome to locate the reset button
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 5 to 20 seconds
  3. Wait until the LED turns off or you for a click sound
  4. Release the button

There are different types of dome cameras and some of the models act a little bit differently during the reset process.

You can check the user manual for more information but some of them are not clear about how long you have to hold the reset button or what the successful reset indication is.

At first, you can just press and hold and wait for something to happen, either a click sound or blinking LED will indicate the reset is done.

Here is the Wisenet Dome camera list.

XND-L6080V, XND-L6080V, XND-L6080RV, XND-8081VZ, XND-8081RV, XND-8081RF, XND-8081REV, XND-8081FZ, XND-8080RV, XND-8040R, XND-8030R, XND-8020R, XND-8020F, XND-6085V, XND-6081VZ, XND-6081V, XND-6081RV, XND-6081RF, XND-6081REV, XND-6081FZ, XND-6081F, XND-6080V, XND-6080RV, XND-6020R, XND-6011F, XND-6010, SND-L6083R, SND-L6013R, SND-L6013, SND-L6012, SND-L5083R, SND-L5013, SND-7084R, SND-7084, SND-6084R, SND-6084, SND-6083, SND-6011R, SND-5084R, SND-5083, SND-5010, SND-3080(F), SND-1011, QND-8080R, QND-8030R, QND-8021, QND-8020R, QND-8011.

All the models listed below are the professional ones and you can find the user manual for these products in the Hanwha Security Website.

Bullet cameras.

Yeah, for the bullet cameras the reset button location varies depending on the model you just need lift a cover or open the camera up.

The picture below shows an example of a bullet camera that has a cover that covers the reset button. Just lift it up to reach the button.

Wisenet Bullet Camera Reset Button

Here's the list with the bullet camera models:

​XNO-L6080R, XNO-L6080R, XNO-8080R, XNO-8040R, XNO-8030R, XNO-8020R, XNO-6120R/LPR, XNO-6120R, XNO-6085R, XNO-6080R, XNO-6020R, XNO-6010R, PNO-9080R, QNO-8080R, QNO-8030R, QNO-8020R, QNO-8010R, QNO-7080R, QNO-7030R, QNO-7020R, QNO-7010R, QNO-6082R, QNO-6070R, QNO-6032R, QNO-6030R, LNO-6072R, LNO-6070R, LNO-6032R, LNO-6031R, LNO-6030R, LNO-6022R, LNO-6021R, LNO-6020R, LNO-6012R, LNO-6011R, LNO-6010R, SNO-7084R, SNO-6084R, SNO-6011R, SNO-5084R, SNO-L6083R, SNO-L6013R, SNO-L5083R.

So, you just need to locate the button and follow the reset instructions.

  1. ​Lift the cap or open the camera to locate the reset button
  2. Press and hold the button for 5 to 20 seconds
  3. Wait until you hear a "click sound"
  4. Release the button

It's pretty simple, especially if you don't need to open the camera.

Important: Don't open the bullet camera outdoors because if the camera gets some humidity it will present a fog image later due to the moisture.

Let's take a look now at another model...

PTZ cameras

The PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras are very common in big surveillance projects and are usually installed in high places that are hard to reach.

Luckily, if you need to reset the camera, you don't need to remove it from its place to be able to reach the reset button.

There's a small hole with a lid that can be opened to expose the reset button.

So, just open it up and as shown in the image below.

Wisenet PTZ Camera Reset Button

Here's the process to reset a Wisnet PTZ camera...

  1. ​Pull the lid to locate the reset button
  2. Press and hold the button for 5 to 20 seconds
  3. Wait until the camera fan sound stops for a while
  4. Release the button

The PTZ has a motor and a fan inside and you can hear the sound of the device working and can also feel the vibration of the camera's body.

It's easy to identify when the camera reboots.

Here are the camera models.

XNP-6550RH, XNP-6371RH, XNP-6370RH, XNP-6321H, XNP-6321, XNP-6320RH, XNP-6320HS, XNP-6320H, XNP-6320, XNP-6120H, XNP-6040H, SNP-L6233RH, SNP-L6233H, SNP-L6233, SNP-L5233H, SNP-6321H, SNP-6321, SNP-6320RH, SNP-6320H, SNP-6320, SNP-6200H, SNP-6200, SNP-5430H, SNP-5430H, SNP-5430, SNP-5321H, SNP-5321, SNP-5200H, SNP-5200, SNP-3430H, SNP-3371TH, SNP-3371, SNP-3302H, SNP-3302, SNP-3120VH, SNP-3120, SNP-3120, QNP-6230RH, QNP-6230H, QNP-6230, PNP-9200RH, PNM-9320VQP.

PTZ cameras are very important for big projects.

Now let's talk about how to reset another interesting model...

Fish Eye cameras

The fisheye camera can see everything in 360º and that's awesome.

But as any device sometime you have to reset it and it's necessary to open it up as shown in the image below.

Wisenet Fish Eye Camera Reset Button

As you can see, the reset button is inside the camera close to the SD card slot.

Here are the steps to reset it:

  1. ​Open the camera and locate the reset button
  2. Press and hold the button for 5 to 20 seconds
  3. Wait until you hear a "click sound"
  4. Release the button

The process is very similar to the PTZ's reset.

Here's the list of the Fisheye cameras.

XNF-8010RW, XNF-8010RVM, XNF-8010RV, XNF-8010R, SNF-8010VM, SNF-8010, SNF-7010VM, SNF-7010V, SNF-7010, QNF-8010, PNF-9010RVM, PNF-9010RV, PNF-9010R.

And it's done. You have the instructions to reset all the professional Wisenet cameras.


Now you know how to reset Wisenet cameras and you can use this knowledge to restore the cameras to factory default when you lose a password or something is not working well and a hardware reset is necessary.

Remember that in this article I'm talking about the Wisenet professional cameras manufactured by Hanwha Techwin and there's another line of cameras under the same brand that it's designed for consumers.

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