Who makes Wisenet cameras

I've seen people asking the question "who makes Wisenet cameras" and I'm proud to answer this question because I've worked for the manufacturer.

Who makes Wisenet cameras

Hanwha Techwin makes Wisenet cameras as part of its security product line. The company is formerly known as Samsung Techwin.

Despite the fact that some old security cameras come with the Samsung logo, the Wisenet is NOT owned by Samsung, the logos used to be available during the transition phase of the company acquisition.

The Hanwha Techwin company

Hanwha Techwin is a surveillance company that is part of the Hanwha group.

Headquartered in South Korea, the company acquired the Samsung surveillance camera division called Samsung Techwin and since then adopted Wisenet as the brand name for the security cameras.

The company employs 4,500+ people and has a large presence around the world with participation in large surveillance projects.

Are Wisenet cameras good?

Yes, the Wisenet cameras are good. They are manufactured by a huge company that is specialized in electronic devices and security.

As an example, Mexico City has more than 13,000 Samsung/Wisenet IP cameras installed in the urban surveillance project.

Hanwha Techwin owns the Wisenet brand that can be found on professional cameras such as the ones used in Mexico and also the cameras designed for the traditional consumer market.

Where you can purchase Wisenet cameras

The professional Wisenet cameras can be found only on authorized system integrators and resellers and are not available in the stores.

You can, however, find Wisenet analog cameras such as the SDC-89445BF  and the SDC-99447BF in the Amazon store.

DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) such as the SDR-843052T are also available to purchase a part of the consumer products.

To wrap it up

Wisenet is a good security system because its components are manufactured by a huge company with a large experience in the industry.

Now you know who makes Wisenet Cameras and you can trust the brand.

You can still find old Samsung cameras either branded as part of the Wisenet line of products just because of the transition phase.

I used to work for this company as an engineer and training manager and in my opinion, Hanwha manufactures really good products.

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