Types of cameras

12-Volt security camera power-supply example

12-volt Security Cameras: Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Usually, the most common choice of small business owners and homeowners are 12-volt security cameras. However, before considering this choice, there are several questions which need to be answered before deciding on the best model.In this article, you will understand how to choose the best 12-volt security camera.The lack of technical information for the 12-volt […]

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Can security camera work without Internet

Can Security Cameras Work Without Internet?

People are always asking if security cameras work without Internet since it’s so common to have IP cameras in today‚Äôs age and time. They are everywhere!You can find them on buildings, homes, business establishments, and even on the streets, most of the are recording at a local device and not using Internet at all.So, the […]

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cellular security camera

Cellular Security Camera – The pros and cons (read before buying)

Using a cellular security camera instead of the traditional wireless and PoE cameras is a wise decision, so you can enjoy the benefits.While the traditional wireless types require a network connection to transfer data, the cellular ones use the mobile network to transmit video signals.Therefore making it an ideal choice for security purposes in areas where […]

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RVs and motorhomes

Best security cameras for trailers, RVs and Motorhomes

Security cameras for trailers, RVs and motorhomes are pretty popular now.Taking a vacation is an enjoyable activity for the family. Those who love the outdoors spend their vacation time on road trips and camping grounds.Nature lovers, they are. Our concept of vacation includes relaxation, excitement, freedom and fun, fun, fun!However, despite the fact that you […]

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What is HDCVI

What is HDCVI technology (used for CCTV HD Video over coax)?

I bet you already heard or read something about the HDCVI technology used on high definition CCTV analog cameras, don’t you?  If you work in the surveillance system industry or are an enthusiast that likes to install your own security cameras, chances are you prefer to use the modern technologies that allow you to have […]

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What is PTZ camera

What is a PTZ camera ?

If you like technology, certainly you pay attention to the movies where people are operating a security camera remotely. That’s an example of a PTZ camera.A PTZ camera is simply a camera that can move its own lens left to right (PAN) and up and down (TILT), it’s also capable to use magnification (zoom). Every […]

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