Types of cameras

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Best Security Camera for Seniors

According to the FBI, the rate of burglaries and other property crimes has decreased nearly every year since the 1990s. Since surveillance systems help to reduce crimes I decided to write about the best security camera for seniors.In almost ten years, the number of property crimes in American dropped by over 20% from 2008 to 2017. […]

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Affordable Security Cameras for Small Businesses

Are you looking for affordable security cameras for your small business ?I bet you know how important is to keep people and property safe and that’s the reason you are here. You are right and security cameras can definitely help you.Abraham Maslow was a famous psychologist who gave the theory of human’s hierarchy of needs. […]

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The types of security cameras

Types of security cameras (for home and business)

There are a lot of different types of security cameras to choose from.In this article, I explain the most common types of security cameras so you can have a better decision before purchasing the one you need. You can first choose between analog and digital (IP) technology, the most appropriate type for indoor or outdoor installation. […]

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Flir Thermal camera

How Far Can a Security Camera See At Night

Installing a security camera is one of the most effective ways to protect our homes, businesses, and families, keeping them safe and secure even in dark areas where you may have a concern about how far can a security camera see at night.The short answer is, a security camera can see from around 10m to […]

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EXIR camera

What is EXIR camera? (IR Technology)

The EXIR cameras are offered by Hikvision as the best solution for monitoring dark areas where is necessary to use infrared illumination. Bit if you are looking for information on such technology probably your questions is What is EXIR camera?In this article, I will explain what the EXIR camera is, and how the technology behind […]

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the Best Security cameras for Small business

How to Choose The Best Security Cameras for Small Business

One of the most common problems business owners face is the issue of theft and burglary. Although vandalism may be a problem, too. So, let’s learn how to choose the best security cameras for small business to keep you safe.This is where security cameras are the most helpful. The installation of security cameras in business establishments […]

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12-Volt security camera power-supply example

12-volt Security Cameras: Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Usually, the most common choice of small business owners and homeowners are 12-volt security cameras. However, before considering this choice, there are several questions which need to be answered before deciding on the best model.In this article, you will understand how to choose the best 12-volt security camera.The lack of technical information for the 12-volt […]

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Can security camera work without Internet

Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet connection?

Do you want to know if the IP cameras work without Internet? That depends on the model your are using. Some cameras work and others don’t.You can find them on buildings, homes, business establishments, and even on the streets, most of the are recording at a local device and not using Internet at all.So, the quick […]

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cellular security camera

Cellular Security Camera – The pros and cons (read before buying)

Using a cellular security camera instead of the traditional wireless and PoE cameras is a wise decision, so you can enjoy the benefits.While the traditional wireless types require a network connection to transfer data, the cellular ones use the mobile network to transmit video signals.Therefore making it an ideal choice for security purposes in areas where […]

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RVs and motorhomes

Best security cameras for trailers, RVs and Motorhomes

Security cameras for trailers, RVs and motorhomes are pretty popular now.Taking a vacation is an enjoyable activity for the family. Those who love the outdoors spend their vacation time on road trips and camping grounds.Nature lovers, they are. Our concept of vacation includes relaxation, excitement, freedom and fun, fun, fun!However, despite the fact that you […]

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