Best security cameras for trailers, RVs and Motorhomes

Security cameras for trailers, RVs and motorhomes are pretty popular now.

Recreational vehicles

Taking a vacation is an enjoyable activity for the family. Those who love the outdoors spend their vacation time on road trips and camping grounds.

Nature lovers, they are. Our concept of vacation includes relaxation, excitement, freedom and fun, fun, fun!

However, despite the fact that you are on vacation, you must not let your guard down. In other words, you still need to take precautions. This way, you make sure that you and your family are safe and secure during your vacation.

One way to do this is to have security cameras installed on your recreational vehicles and/or motor homes, so let's talk about that.

Possible risks while traveling with an RV

Since your RVs are vehicles, there is the possibility of stealing them.

a car thief in action

Other than that, they contain your valuables. For instance appliances, money, jewelry, and more. So, burglary is also a possibility. And, as much as we hate to admit it, there is also this possibility that burglars might threaten the lives of the people occupying the vehicle.

Hence, security is very important. There are several ways on how you can be safe and secure. And one way to do this is by installing a security camera system.

Let us get to know some of the best security cameras for your trailer, motor homes, and RVs. Please read carefully before buying yours.

Features of the Best RV Security Cameras

Using security cameras on your RVs is an economical and wise decision.

There is no need for you to spend too much on such things. Just look for the brand that offers the best security cameras at affordable prices.

However, to make sure that you have the best security cameras for your RVs, consider these features.

Easy Installation

See to it that installing the security camera on your RV will be easy.

In other words, it should be simple and uncomplicated.

The best ones are those which you just plug or connect to a power outlet and then to the network to make it work. Wires and cables may be troublesome.

So wireless security cameras are recommended. Those which are battery and solar-powered are best, too. This will assure you of constant security despite limited or no power supply.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring should be possible via phone.

This way, you can still keep an eye on your premises despite the distance.

However, Internet access is needed so the RV owners can view live video feeds. 

This is helpful so you can monitor your parked RV for possible theft and burglary.

Motion Detection and Alerts

Another feature to consider is its ability to detect motion and give alerts.

This feature makes RV owners feel secure. As motion detectors and alarms mean constant monitoring. RV owners are alerted via email or by phone.

Therefore, they are notified about the goings-on in their parked RV despite being away from it.

Infrared Night Vision

This is another important feature to consider. Infrared night vision enables your security cameras to capture high-quality images and videos despite the poor lighting.

This is useful especially at night and on poorly lit areas.

Alarm and Siren

Now, this feature may come handy in some cases.

For instance, if somebody approaches your parked RV, it gives off an alarm sound.

Hence, scaring them off. And therefore preventing them from approaching your vehicle.

Memory and Storage

Continuous recording is necessary for monitoring purposes.

Therefore, a good storage feature is important. You can retrieve and go over videos if the need arises if they are stored properly.

For instance, Cloud storage. Now, this comes handy.

Likewise, SD card security cameras are also useful for recording motion and other activities even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Power Supply

This is a very important feature. Even the best security cameras/system will be useless without the proper power supply.

Therefore, make sure that your RV is equipped with an adequate power supply to make your security system functional.

Rechargeable batteries and solar-powered ones are quite useful, indeed.

Best security cameras for trailers, RVs and Motorhomes

Wyze camV2 wireless security camera

To protect your RV you can use the Wyze Cam V2  wireless security cube camera which records full HD video, has motion and sound detection, and night vision. 

This small camera also has two-way audio and time-lapse feature. 

At first, the camera is designed to work indoors using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, can record into an SD card and send live video streaming to a mobile device.

But just in case you want to use it outdoors to monitor your RV, it's possible to place the camera inside an outdoor housing.

Wyze cam v2 outdoor housing

This small camera is very affordable and sells a lot on Amazon.

If you need a simple solution for monitoring your trailer, this is the one.

==> I recommend you to read the article Wyze Cam V2 review and setup to check the pros and cons of this camera.

Reolink Go

Reolink Go is a 3G/4G security camera. It is favorable for those who are frequently traveling and need a portable monitoring solution. Especially in areas with power or WiFi problems.

Reolink Go 4G Security camera recommended for trailers

It may be powered by either a rechargeable battery or a weatherproof solar panel. Furthermore, it runs on 3G/4G LTE wireless networks.

Installation is easy. Just attach it on the roof or side of your RV, motorhome, trailer, and the like. Videos may be viewed on the apps – live.

The Reolink Go gives alerts via phone or email on motion, sound and voice, and other occurrences. It also comes with a siren and alarm.

Watch the video below for details about this camera.

This is an official Reolink video - see more details at their website.

Reolink Argus 2

Reolink Argus 2 is best for people on the go. It is convenient for traveling with your RVs, etc. as it is portable, easy to install, weatherproof, and it has no wires. It can be attached to your RV’s side and connect it to hotspots of the WiFi. No need for cables and wires when viewing videos on your mobile devices.

Reolink Argus 2

The Reolink Argus 2 may also work even if you just leave it outside your RV. It has motion detectors and can automatically record everything to the SD card. 

What’s more, this may be done even without an Internet connection.

Its night vision, PIR motion sensor, and siren make it great as an RV burglar alarm security system. It also comes with mounting brackets so it may be mounted on walls, trees, and other places, other than your RV. This is great for monitoring areas, even those with limited or no power supply. It is priced at $129.99.

Reolink C1 Pro

Connection for Reolink C1 Pro is possible via Ethernet cable or WiFi. It runs on 12V AC power adapter. It is capable of streaming 1440p HD videos.

Reolink C1 Pro

The Reolink C1 Pro can also change its pointing angles with just one tap on the apps. And just like any other Reolink security cameras, the C1 Pro comes with a night vision and 2-way radio.

You can either put it in your RV and other vehicles, through the windshield or a glass window. However, you must see to it that IR glare is reduced at night. Hence, put it close to the windshield or glass window. Plus, it only costs $89.99.

Best 12-volt RV Security Cameras

Since most RVs, motorhomes, trailers, and others come with a 12-volt electrical system, they are capable of running 12-volt security cameras.

For instance, Reolink RLC-420 and RLC-422. These are among the best rear and front view cameras or recreational vehicles. The RLC-420 and RLC-422 may be hooked up on the front, back, and roof of your RV.

Best 12 Volt RV Security Camera Systems for RV & Fifth Wheel

Your home security cameras may also be used as trailer back up camera systems.

Let us take Reolink RLK-410B4 PoE as an example. It can monitor the side, front, and back of your vehicles. And monitoring may be done on your TV, compute, and smartphones.

Connecting it to your television and other monitors via the HDMI port on NVR (network video recorders). Therefore enabling you constant monitoring on camp premises.

Final considerations

Going on vacation like camping and road trips is a fun way to spend time together with your family and friends.

However, all the fun and relaxation must not make you forget to keep safe and secure. Hence, you must make the wise decision of acquiring the best security camera systems for your RVs, to make your camping experience, fun, memorable, safe, and most especially, secure.