Affordable Security Cameras for Small Businesses

Are you looking for affordable security cameras for your small business ?

I bet you know how important is to keep people and property safe and that's the reason you are here. You are right and security cameras can definitely help you.

Small business can afford a security camera system

Abraham Maslow was a famous psychologist who gave the theory of human’s hierarchy of needs. In this hierarchy, he placed safety and security among the top five needs and catalysts for motivation.

Without safety and security in life, human beings cannot perform to their fullest potential. That's why it's important to keep your business safe. 

Why you should invest on security cameras

Humans have evolved progressively during the past two decades.

The progression during these past two decades seems more than the previous development combined. This evolution has resulted in increased technological facilities and has also helped to solve a lot of human problems making life easier.

With all this progression, it is evident that it has some side effects as well. Studies have shown that crime rates have also increased during the past two decades.

Security cameras helps to prevent crimes

Crimes such as burglaries, gun violence and harassment happen on a daily basis. This is because people are still unaware of the security options that are available to make them secure and feel safe.

Policeman arrests criminal

It is true that on a larger scale, it is the job of the government to make the city and the country safe. This can be done by providing justice and imprisonment to criminals setting an example for future crimes.

But in order to stop people completely, we have to play our part individually as well. We can get the best security for our assets and as a result, decrease opportunities for criminals.

A lot can now be done while making a home, a business or any vicinity secure.

Choose the right security cameras

The common types of Security Equipment present these days include installation of CCTV Cameras, Fitting Electricity-based barbed wires, provision of security guards at the entrance, usage of armored safes and setting up Alarm Systems throughout the building.

While all of this is important and can be done in order to ensure security.

security camera against urban skyline

Security cameras that provide good video quality is among the most important security equipment. The reason for this is simple: It can help to catch and identify the ones involved in criminal activity.

The camera can also give an idea about how the convict was able to pull off the act and pass through other security equipment. This can help to install better quality in the future.

New technology has increased competition which has made room for top-notch devices at reasonably fair prices as well.

Affordable security cameras

Affordable security equipment is now available that has a simplified installation system, especially for a small business. There are a lot of variations of such security cameras and a wide variety of options. Their design is based on stealth characteristics and is difficult to spot.

Nowadays there are a lot of different types of affordable security cameras.

Let's talk about some of them...

Types of Security Cameras:

Some of the newer versions of security cameras include remote control security cameras that can be moved according to will through the aid of a remote.

Companies have versions of security cameras for all kinds of situations.

For instance, in high dirt places there is a security camera that has self-cleaning abilities. For total darkness at night, there is a security camera that offers light exposure and makes things clear to see.

In high-risk places like banks, there are security cameras that are able to focus on the faces of the people and ensure complete recognition.

The newer technology of security cameras has enabled motion detection and exposure of hidden objects in order to provide better security.

Following are some of the different types of affordable security cameras present in the market these days:

1. Dome Security Camera

dome surveillance camera

A camera, lens, and a ceiling mount combine to form a dome camera. All these components are present in a fancy dome-shaped container.

The major benefit of these types of cameras is the ability to work in high-dust external environments that have a threat of items striking on the camera surface. It also offers a decent minimalist and aesthetical appearance.

2. PTZ Security Camera

PTZ analog camera

A PTZ Camera allows the operator to move, zoom and tilt the camera according to will. This camera comes with a remote joy stock that enables total control of the camera. Through a PTZ Camera, focus can be made on specific areas of interest along with an Auto Track Movement feature as well.

3. Bullet Security Camera

Security Bullet Camera

A bullet camera is named such because of its bullet-like shape. In this bullet-shaped container, the camera, lens, and housing are enclosed. 

The camera is sealed inside the main body which minimizes the need for servicing. These types of cameras generally include good quality in low light situations as well as IR illuminators.

4. IP Security Camera

CCTV cameras in a mall

The main feature of an IP Camera is the transmission of digital signals through the aid of the Internet. An IP Security Camera gives a better resolution and user-friendly interface. These cameras have a wide range of resolutions starting from VGA and going onto more than 29 megapixels.

5. Thermal Security Camera

Thermal camera from banana factory YouTube Channel

Yes, thermal cameras are now affordable...

Just like the name suggests, a Thermal Security Camera uses the aid of thermal images to produce heat maps. The general mechanism includes the use of heat in order to differentiate objects. These cameras can help in the detection of illegal substances as well as unusual movements.

6. Wireless IP Camera

Wireless Baby Monitor

The only major difference between these and the normal IP Cameras is the absence of wiring. Wireless cameras are easy to install and customizable in the sense that they can be moved around. 

These cameras also have the ability to motion detect and give off completely clear images, even in low-light instances.

7. Smart Voice-Integrated Cameras

Two way audio Zosi security camera

These cameras have the ability to be controlled through voice commands. Additionally, they can be equipped with more types of customization depending upon the type of application the camera is required for.

8. 4G-LTE Camera

Reolink cellular security camera-installed-on-the-front-door

4G-LTE Cameras can work even in the absence of active internet connection. All they require is a SIM-card that is installed inside the camera and works through another device that catches the signals.

These cameras are very helpful in maintaining consistency because they do not depend upon the strength of the internet connection.

The software comes with all security cameras which provides user-friendliness and better accessibility. This software has a counter app as well which makes surveillance possible even from great distances.