What is the best company for CCTV cameras?

Nowadays there are many brands of cameras worldwide. But what is the best company for CCTV cameras?

Best company for CCTV cameras

I wish the answer was simple as just telling you which brand to buy, or what truly is the best company for CCTV cameras.

However, the best camera for you might not be the best for someone else. Everyone has different scenarios and things they are looking for.

So, in this post, we will go over what you should know before purchasing a camera and what features you might want to look for.

Before purchase

If you try on shoes and they are too small, you aren't going to buy them, are you? Don't buy just any camera, it is important that you find the right camera for you.

Cameras are like shoes, not every type will be right for you, or what you are using them for. So research is key before buying.

Types of camera

Every camera has their function, therefore they are various types. So what are the types of CCTV cameras?

Before you find the best company for CCTV cameras, you must first know which type of camera works for your project.

Here is a quick breakdown for you to understand what type of camera is right for you.

Dome Cameras

Named from its dome shape, this is a very common type of camera found almost anywhere. In which the camera sits inside the dome and can sometimes move where it looks.

Due to its shape, it can sometimes be hard to tell where it is pointing and is very discreet. Therefore they can catch some burglars here and there!

Indoor Cameras

As given away by the name, this is the camera that is going to keep your house safe from the inside. They are widely known to be used to monitor houses on a daily basis.

Outdoor Cameras

Nest Outdoor camera

These types of CCTV cameras are usually placed in entries or exits to stores or homes to protect them and keep track of who is coming in and out.

They can usually combat some wind and dirt, however, they are not fully equipped to stay in the rain as it will usually create water damage.

Also equipped with infrared lights for better nightly vision and to vividly detail objects in the dark. 

Additionally, most connect to your phone, allowing you to view footage anywhere at any time.

Wireless Cameras

These cameras are the easiest ones to set up. Out the box, connected to WiFi and you are pretty much done!

Apart from that, they are usually small and pretty tidy, so you will not have a bunch of cables to wire around the area.

Bullet Cameras

Their cylindrical shape allows them to observe and record footage for long distances and are usually lace outdoors.

Most bullet cameras are in a protective shield called a housing or junction box that was made to protect them from any weather.

This includes water, dirt, dust, insects, and any other element that can damage the camera. Therefore, they are locked inside of a box to be protected.

Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

Also referred to as the PTZ cameras, they give you complete control of footage. Out of all the types of CCTV cameras, this one is one of the most interactive ones.

By messing around you can pan the camera right and left, tilt it up and down, and even zoom in and out. therefore, you have gained total control over the camera itself.

C-Mount Cameras

C-Mount Camera

The C-Mount cameras are perfect for who likes to adapt their cameras for different fields of vision and distances.

This particular type of camera has detachable lenses that can be switched to increase the distance of footage they reach.

Infrared Cameras

Whether day or night, these cameras can capture vivid detail and imaging without a hassle. 

Regardless of the amount to light they receive, they are able to operate in the dark. Whether they have no sunlight or no light at all they pull it off.

With clear recording in low light, you can place these inside buildings and homes where you want to capture night time footage.

If you want to know more about these cameras check out this article: What are the types of CCTV cameras

The type of camera you want is not the only decision you must make when choosing what to purchase, it is just the first of many.

What are CCTV cameras

Apart from the types of cameras, you must be aware of the differences between IP and CCTV cameras, as they are not the same.

So, what is the difference between IP and CCTV cameras? Here is a quick recap of the article:

CCTV Cameras

  • A simplistic design and easy to operate
  • Analog recording
  • No monthly fees
  • Okay image quality
  • Affordable
  • Hard to be tampered with
  • Most used system

CCTV or Closed-circuit television security cameras transmit signals from the area they see all the way to a storing system. This is one of the main differences between IP and CCTV cameras.

This type of camera system uses a different connection than IP. CCTV cameras need to connect to a DVR to store footage and allow monitoring on surveillance.

CCTV cameras are usually inexpensive, however, they require tools, hardware, and a bit of installation. Which can higher up your bill.

DVRs have many inputs, therefore, cables and disks will be the only add-on apart from the cost of the camera itself.

This is one of the big differences between IP and CCTV cameras, as IP cameras are not all wired to one DVR. And there is some good news!

Most DVRs accommodate around 32 cameras, therefore, they can usually monitor a residence and a business with no issue whatsoever.

Usage of camera

Bird watching with security cameras

Now that you understand the main differences between IP and CCTV cameras, you can now make your choice.

But keep in mind that different activities require certain cameras. Usually, people purchase cameras to monitor a residence or business.

However, others might purchase a camera for bird watching, which requires a different set of materials.

Another reason you might want to install a camera could be to reduce the probability of crime in your home or area.

Therefore, it is clear to see you must know what your purpose is before purchasing a camera, then you can find the best company for the type of camera you want.

Questions to ask

Questions to ask

#1- Is it a trustworthy company?

You can find the answer to this on forums by looking for reviews and other's experience with the company as well.

Another way is to check their official website. Think about it, a camera company should be professional, they are selling safety to people.

Therefore, their website should look well done and professional. As well as having a small lock next to the URL to ensure that it is a safe website.

Websites that look bad or sloppy might be scams and can steal some serious money from you!

#2- Company experience

Most companies have an "About Us" page that can be located on their website. And it should usually state how long the company has been open.

Remember, the more experience, the better the company! Therefore, they have experience with large projects and can recommend you to certain products.

#3- Warranty and customer service.

You might not worry too much about these until you need them the most. So make sure you are aware of how long your warranty lasts and what it covers.

As well as when their customer service is available to you, and the procedures of speaking to them. You can also ask about free installing and other services they offer.

#4- Does the camera receive updates?

If their brand is good and developed, they will usually send out updates for cameras and other products they offer to keep you up to date and happy.

The bottom line

The truth is that the best company for CCTV cameras depends on your preference and what you want to install in your house. 

And usually cannot be based on other's opinions as we all have different needs. However, we can benefit from knowing each other's experiences.

So make sure to share and leave your top choice for the best company for CCTV cameras down in the comment section!