Wyze cam stream to YouTube (for Free)

Want to learn how to make your Wyze cam stream to YouTube ?

In this article, I explain how to use Free software to stream your camera live to YouTube. It's easy and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Wyze Cam Stream to YouTube

I assume you already have the Wyze Cam installed and running on the software.

If you don't have the camera running in the software yet, please read the other article  before continue, otherwise, you won't be able to make it work.

By the end of this article, you will have your Wyze camera transmitting live to YouTube. So buckle up and let's learn how to do that...

The YouTube Live Stream Concept

Take a look at the diagram below to understand the concept.

The idea is to set up your Wyze Cam to stream the video to a  computer that has a Free software which can generate a video stream to your YouTube channel. 

Wyze Cam Stream to a computer and to YouTube

The Free software is called Luxriot Evo, you can use it to record the Wyze Cam on the PC and stream the video to YouTube at the same time. Cool, huh ?

To make the Wyze cam stream to YouTube is necessary to use the RTSP protocol which allows the connection to the Luxriot software.

==> I'm assuming you already have a Wyze Cam with the RTSP protocol enabled and that you understand the basics of VMS software.

Please read the article How to enable RTSP on Wyze Cam and the article Free VMS software – Luxriot EVO to learn more.

The Free Software for YouTube Live stream

Luxriot Evo, the Free software to stream IP camera to YouTube is a powerful VMS (Video Management System) that works with different IP camera models.

The software's primary job is to record the footage from the IP cameras but in this article, we are more interested in its YouTube streaming feature.

Luxriot Evo is not directly compatible with the native Wyze Cam protocol and that's the reason the RTSP needs to be used, so let's see how to do the setup...

How the Video Stream to YouTube Works

YouTube uses the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) for live video, the Luxriot Evo can stream your IP camera to YouTube using such protocol.

You got the idea, right ?  RTSP protocol (Wyze Cam) --> RTMP Protocol (YouTube).

So, let's learn how to set up the software and the live stream...

Luxriot EVO Live Stream (Podcast) Configuration

In this article, the idea is to teach you how to stream the Wyze Cam to YouTube Live, so I don't explain the Luxriot EVO installation, You should have the software up and running. Just read the article: Free VMS software (Luxriot EVO).

To stream your Wyze Cam to YouTube, you just need to use the Podcast feature available in the Luxriot Evo software.

Open the Luxriot EVO Management Console.

Luxriot EVO Management Console

Click on "Live podcast" on the left side menu.

Luxriot Podcast Menu

Click the button "New live podcast"

Live Evo Configuration Live Podcast

On "Sharing type" Change from "Generic RTMP" to YouTube and click the "Change..." button to select the channel you want to stream (Wyze Cam V2).

Live Podast Luxriot Evo Wyze Cam

Check "Enable audio" if you want to transmit to have it live on YouTube.

You need to Input the RTMP URL and click "OK" to start the stream.

See how to get the RTMP URL next...

How to get the RTMP URL for YouTube Live

Go to your YouTube channel and open the "Creator Studio". 

YouTube Creator Studio

Click on the "Stream now" link

YouTube Live Stream Tab

Go to "Encoder Setup"  and copy the "Server URL" and "Stream name key"

YouTube Encoder Setup

Start streaming live on YouTube...

The Server URL and the Stream Key are something like this...

Server URL: rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2
Stream Key: bhot-543x-np57-92cd

Just copy and paste them into the Luxriot EVO Live podcast screen.

Luxriot Wyze Cam YouTube Live Stream

Hit the "OK" button and your camera is live on YouTube...

IP camera stream- to YouTube Live

And here we go. Now you can have your Wyze Cam live on YouTube for Free. 

Well, it will cost you at least $25 if you still need to buy the camera.

By the way, just you can buy your Wyze Cam on Amazon...

Just let people know your Wyze Cam is live on YouTube by just sending them the link to your channel. The information is available on the bottom part of the screen.

Share YouTube Live Stream

How to stop streaming live to YouTube...

Please don't forget to stop the video streaming to YouTube, OK ? 

To stop the Wyze Cam live stream just go to the Luxriot EVO Management Console > Live Podcast and click the "Disable"  button.

Luxriot Evo Live Stream Disable Button


You can use the Luxriot EVO for Wyze cam stream to YouTube.

It's a Free software for up to 9 cameras and it's also capable of recording.

The live video stream needs around 2 to 3 Mbps for the Wyze Cam. 

Make sure your bandwidth (upload) is enough.

I'm not a Luxriot employee, neither a representative o distributor. I just downloaded the Free version and I'm testing its feature.


This article was written to share my experience with the software. I'm NOT available for technical support or camera configuration. The Luxriot Free version doesn't come with any technical support.

You can leave your comments and question below and I can answer them as a courtesy if and when I have time to do it. Thank you for comprehension. 

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