How to use Wyze cam as webcam

Let's learn how to use Wyze cam as webcam.

There are different ways to do that using software that can create virtual web cameras. In this article, I talk about the ManyCam.  

How to use Wyze Cam as Webcam

To use your Wyze camera as web cam it's necessary to install the RTSP firmware to make it compatible with different types of software and platforms.

Read the article How to enable RTSP on Wyze Cam to learn more.

The software to use the Wyze Cam as a Webcam

The Manycam software is used for online video streaming and video calls.

It works with different models of webcams and also with IP cameras.

So, the idea is to connect the Wyze Cam to this software and then use it as a regular webcam (your computer identifies it as an internal webcam).

To use this software is necessary to pay $59/year or purchase a lifetime license that costs $119. Either way, you get a powerful software for online video streaming.

How to install and use the Manycam with the Wyze Cam (using the RTSP protocol)

Here are the steps to make the Wyze cam work with Manycam:

  1. Download and install the Manycam software;
  2. Make sure your Wyze cam is working with the RTSP protocol;
  3. Generate the RTSP URL on the Wyze Cam;
  4. Add the camera to the software.

See below the images that illustrate the installation

Manycam installation

ManyCam installation
ManyCam installation
ManyCam installation
ManyCam installation

Wyze cam RTSP protocol installation

You just need to download and install the RTSP firmware on the Wyze Cam to make it work. Read the article How to enable RTSP on Wyze Cam for details.

Wyze cam RTSP Firmware rename

You have to rename to the RTSP file, copy it to the microSD card and execute the installation process which takes less than 5 minutes.

Wyze cam RTSP URL

Enable the RTSP on the Wyze Cam and get the URL (see the example below)

Wyze Cam enable RTSP

Add the Wyze Cam to the Manycam software 

Right-click with the mouse button and choose IP Camera >> Add New

IP camera on the Manycam

Insert the Wyze Cam RTSP URL

Insert the Wyze Cam RTSP URL

Here's the video from the Wyze Cam directly into the Manycam software.

Wyze Cam on the Manycam software


You can have your Wyze Cam working as a webcam by just using the RTSP protocol that is available in the official Wyze Cam firmware.

With this method is not necessary to remove the Wyze Cam for its place since it works via the network and it's not necessary to use a physical connection to the computer.

You can use other software to get your IP camera working as a virtual webcam, however, I think the Manycam is the easiest one to work with and it has a lot of useful features.

If you are willing to pay for this software that will be a good investment.

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