Why do people object to CCTV cameras?

When it comes to your home, it is understandable to want and demand privacy. However, now more than ever, we don't have privacy out of our homes. But why do people object to CCTV cameras?

Pros vs. Cons

Pros and cons as to why people object to CCTV cameras

Well, privacy is a delicate topic to discuss. Mainly because some may think privacy extends out of their homes, while others don't. 

Even before cameras were around when in public, we are all aware that we are being watched by other people going about their day. 

However, this all took a change when CCTV cameras gained popularity worldwide.

We are now used to being watched continuously by cameras wherever we go. They are so common now that you might find yourself being watched in your friend's house!

It is now something that we tend to forget. Something that is there but hardly noticeable. But should people object to CCTV cameras? Do they provide more harm than good?

The cons to CCTV cameras

CCTV or security cameras are rather self-explanatory of their purpose. However, for some, it just has become overbearing. Though we still have our privacy in homes, we are the ones who are slowly giving it up.

To some, society is becoming closer to the 1984 world of being watched by "Big Brother." Nevertheless, we are the ones that place cameras in our homes for the same purpose they are outside.

It is becoming clear that we rely on these devices for our safety and protecting our homes as well as prized possessions. But nowadays, we are allowing all our work to be done for us.

Kids don't carry keys to school anymore. They simply come home and unlock the door with their phones or the Ring camera that watches them for the parents.

Think about baby sitters! They do not get privacy in their jobs nowadays. Parents can continuously watch their every move, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Also, some schools around the world have attempted to install cameras to allow the parents to watch their children. However, it backfired incredibly hard.

The school would regularly receive calls from worried parents. Teachers needed to focus both on the parent's wishes as well as the children's needs.

Needless to say, the cameras were quickly shut off as it was affecting the students, staff, and parents. 

As well as the parent's abilities to focus on their jobs instead of watching their kids.

Rise of technology

sad dog

Cameras have given us the power to watch our homes when across the world, give our pets treats when at work, and talk to our mailman without stepping a foot outside.

So it is safe to say that one of the reasons people object to CCTV cameras, is the constant reliability to watch and take part in what is going on elsewhere.

Between the lack of privacy outdoors and the usage of cameras to do our jobs inside, we are slowly becoming less human. 

Our pets are getting used to having treats from a machine, instead of us. 🐶

And it is not just the cameras, but all of the technology that surrounds us and ends up making us lazy. And cameras are only one of the many sources that makes our lives simpler and, in turn, makes us sluggish. 

The truth is that now we are heard and watched whenever and wherever we are. But could there be a good side to it?

 Should people object to CCTV cameras or open up to the idea of having them around?

The pros of CCTV cameras

Contrary to popular belief, CCTV cameras provide much more than just safety to the general public. Therefore there is no reason to object against CCTV cameras.

Footage can help jog the memory of witnesses, leave traces of the criminal, and even discover what they took with them. Which, in some cases, can be crucial to finding the culprit.

Cameras can identify license plates and even help recognition of facial features, As well as identifying gender, age-range, and other features.

Apart from keeping us safe, and aiding authorities in catching criminals, they can also strictly benefit in other ways, especially for you. Ever think they can be useful to you?

For instance, inside movie theaters, CCTV cameras can provide a solid alibi as to where you were in a particular moment in time, which can end up placing the right person behind bars.

Apart from keeping you safe outside, CCTV cameras can help in stopping your neighbor from stealing your packages, or even keep his dog on the right side of the fence!

Not just safety

Multiple uses for CCTV cameras

Other benefits can occur in the workplace. CCTV cameras will not only deter criminals from coming in, but it will also keep the employees from stealing.

This allows any business owner to watch their employees without being present at the location. As well as having evidence in case anything ended up being stolen.

However, cameras can also be used for entertainment, such as bird watching with CCTV cameras, and other activities that can be done utilizing outdoor cameras.

Lastly, cameras are also used in food production to maximize time and efficiency in factors. Jobs like separating food by colors can quickly be done with a camera at a fraction of the time it takes a person.

At the end of the day, cameras can be quite beneficial for everyone's safety and help us be more efficient in everyday life. 

Though sometimes it might make us a bit sluggish, it is sure nice to open the door from the couch or even thank the mailman from your bed.

The bottom line

While some people object to CCTV cameras, others rely on it to feel safe outside and even inside their homes. There is a world of possibilities on how to use cameras.

From safety to evidence. Even industries need cameras! Though we can all admit we like our privacy, we can also say that security is essential to all of us to remain safe!

So what side are you on? Should people object to CCTV cameras? Do they bring more harm than good? Leave us your thoughts below.

So what side are you on? Should people object to CCTV cameras? Do they bring more harm than good? Leave us your thoughts below.