How to use joystick with PTZ cameras

Let's take a look at how to use a USB joystick with PTZ cameras.

I have a generic PTZ joystick and an Axis P5624-E MKII camera, so I can show you how they work together. It's not just theory, but the real deal 🙂

PTZ controller SPC 2000

Connect the Joystick to the PC

To control a PTZ camera via a USB joystick, you just need to connect the device to the computer and check if it's working on Windows. That's it.

Here's how to check if the PTZ joystick is working.

  • Open the Windows Control Panel;
  • Look for "Set USB game controller";
  • Check if the controller status is "OK";
  • Move the joystick, the zoom wheel and press the buttons;
  • Check if there's a visual indication that everything is working. 
Check if the controller works

And now, it's time to test the PTZ controller.

Test the PTZ controller with your camera

The PTZ controller works in a different way depending on the PTZ brand/model.

Some cameras only receive the command via the manufacturer's software, so you need to set it up to work the USB joystick. Other cameras work even with a web browser.

That's the case for Axis cameras that need only a web browser to use a joystick.

The following picture shows an Axis P5624-E MKII working with a generic PTZ controller (A.K.A. Hanwha SPC-2000) on Google Chrome.

Using PTZ controller with Axis camera

You just need to open the camera in the web browser and start using the joystick.

There's no special configuration or anything you need to do.

Some older models only work with Internet Explorer, so if your camera is not working on Google Chrome, you can try a different web browser.

Video: PTZ controller (joystick) for Axis Cameras

Here's a quick video on how to use a joystick to control an Axis camera.

Hit the play button and enjoy.