Understand Hikvision Live View Icons

Brands use symbols and icons to communicate with users. But what is the meaning behind each one? Let’s break down what each Hikvision Live View Icon signifies.

Below you will find a list of icons from the Live View mode and what each means. These will be found in the Hikvision recorder.

The Live View mode is a default display for the Hikvision DVR, and all connected cameras will be displayed. To check the status of your DVR and cameras, you can right-click to access the Menu.

Hikvision Live View Icons and their meanings

Status Icons

Hikvision Live View Icon

This icon signifies that the camera is recording, whether through motion detection or manually.

Hikvision Live View Icon

The alarm indicates events, including video loss, footage tampering, or motion detection.

Hikvision Live View Icon

This Hikvision Live View Icon pops up when there is a notification or an error. To view the message, click on the icon.

Hikvision Live View Icon

This signifies that the channel has lost connection to the camera’s video feed.

Camera toolbar

Clicking on a Hikvision live video channel opens the Camera Toolbar, allowing users to have rapid access to digital zoom, audio monitoring, instant playback, and image settings. These settings include the image’s saturation, contrast, and brightness. You can play around with it if you wish to.

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Menu Bar

The numbers in the image above represent the following:

  • Common Menu – Access to the other menus.
  • Menu – This allows you to access the main DVR Menu.
  • Single Screen – This allows you to select individual channels.
  • Multi-Screen – Shows the Matrix with multiple cameras.
  • Previous Screen – Shows the previous channel (camera).
  • Next Screen – Shows the Next channel (camera).
  • Start Auto Switch – Auto switch between cameras.
  • Start Recording – Records the camera manually.
  • Add IP camera – Adds a new IP camera to the NVR.
  • Playback – Reproduce the recorded videos.
  • PTZ control – Control the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom cameras.
  • Output Mode – Selects the Output mode.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hikvision Live View Icons are a form of communication between a user and their device. They make it easier to understand what you need to do or what your camera sees.