Security camera stuck in black and white (how to fix)

In this article, you will learn how to fix a camera that is stuck in black and white.

The innovation of technology has come a long way into the fantastic things we are able to use nowadays. And one of them is seeing at night.

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Why do security cameras record in black and white at night?

By using infrared lighting, CCTV cameras can show clear pictures even at night. Most cameras are already programmed to switch automatically from light to dark mode when there is less light.

IR Night-vision cameras measure the amount of light present, which is what determines whether the Infra-red lights should turn on or stay off.

If there is not enough light hitting the sensor, even during the day, it can trigger the sensor into switching to black and white recording, which can happen depending on the camera's placement and angle.

To be clear, a camera records in black and white during the night, it does not mean it is defective. But if a camera is recording in black and white during the day, it is a sign something is wrong.

Additionally, suppose you have a high-end camera that is not recording in full color at night. In that case, this article will not cover that. 

Be aware that high-end cameras that might be able to record in full color even at night are not the same as IR cameras that are being mentioned in this article.

The majority of cameras record in black and white while in the dark. Still, with an increase in technology, high-end cameras are now recording in full color too.

Reasons and solutions to security cameras stuck in black and white 

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Though it is common for CCTV cameras to record in black and white at night, that should not be the case in the day.

There are common reasons why your camera may be recording in black and white during the day, and we will cover them in this article.

Reason #1: Lack of Light

As I have previously mentioned, the lighting your camera is exposed to can alter whether the IR light sensor is triggered. Make sure that during the day, your camera is not in a shady or dark area.

You might have to switch the camera from its place or the angle it is in. If the camera is in the shade or a dark area, it may be displaying in night vision mode. 

Reason #2: Scheduled time

To further ensure your camera will record in full color during the day, you want to make sure it is in auto mode. Some cameras allow you to set specific times for night mode.

By removing any settings, the camera should return to its original settings and will most likely return to normal. However, it is possible that the settings can remain the same.

To fully ensure that the settings are correct, you should manually log in, whether online or on the app, to ensure that no hourly settings are selected.

Reason #3: Technical difficulties

Black and white recording in cameras might be because of lighting

The camera can have various difficulties such as lack of good connection to power, a malfunctioning cable, or having issues in connecting to the internet.

Try disconnecting the camera from the power source and plugging it in again. Also, make sure to take a look at the cable's condition.

You likely have the camera in an outside area. Outside cameras are exposed to animals and weather, which can cause them to malfunction or be damaged. 

Rain and sunshine can damage your camera, so make sure that you protect it from direct contact with the weather if you have an outdoor camera. Additionally, watch out for rats, birds, and squirrels. They are all common animals that can damage your cables.

Make sure you learn how to protect a CCTV camera from rain to further protect your investment and not have to buy another.

To make sure it is not the power supply, try to connect to a different outlet. This is because some adapters can be overtaxed and will not provide enough power for your camera.

Warranty and brands

If all the above did not work, you might have to contact the company you bought it from. This can usually be done on their website. Furthermore, it is excellent if you have a warranty as you will get another camera in no time.

Additionally, it would be best if you always tried to buy cameras from big and reliable companies instead of choosing cheaper cameras from an untrustworthy brand that might not help you or give you a replacement.

The bottom line

Overall, the issue at hand should be easy to fix. However, if you cannot use any of the above solutions to figure it out, you can always reach out to the brand.

Watch out for animals and weather. It is better to take precautions before any issues arise.

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