How to protect a CCTV camera from rain

In this article, I explain how to protect a CCTV camera from rain.

Protect your camera from the rain

If you have a security camera and want to make sure it does not get damaged by the rain, you need to take some measures to protect it. Let's talk about that.

Things that can damage your security camera

The weather can significantly impact your CCTV camera; things like heavy rain, cold or hot temperature are likely to affect the camera operation. 

If your camera is under a hot sun, the high temperature can cause malfunction.

How to protect your security camera from rain

There are different ways to protect your camera from rain. Let's take a look.

Buy a weatherproof security camera

The first thing you can do is to purchase a camera that is IP65 or IP66 rated.

IP65 rated security cameras are very popular because they are inexpensive and can work outdoors. Even if you don't see the Ingress Protection information, look for cameras sold as "outdoors" models. 

Some security cameras come with the IP66 rated information because they are better protected against water, so the manufacturer wants to use such information for marketing purposes.

Buy a weatherproofhousing

You can buy weatherproof housing to protect your camera.

Just make sure you have a model that can fit into a protective case.

Box cameras are the easiest ones to fit into a housing, but sometimes there are weatherproof housings for the most popular cameras such as the Wyze Cam.

Just look for the housing that is designed for your camera model.

Install the camera in a protected area

Use the roof or any other protected area to install the camera and protect it from the weather; that's a simple solution but works for some cases.

I hope this article can help you to protect cctv camera from rain; please share it your friends.