RTSP port number for cameras, DVRs and NVRs

Are you looking for the RTSP port number for cameras ? 

The RTSP number for cameras, DVRs and NVRs is the 554. That's the universal standard and if your device is following it you will be able to use this port.

There's a video by the end of this article to help you find the RTSP for your cameras.

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Besides the fact that the port number is standard, sometimes the device manufacturer uses a different one. I don't know the reason for that, but there are different ways to figure out which RTSP port your IP camera or recorder is using.

How to find the RTSP port for IP cameras

There are different ways to find which RTSP port your cameras uses.

  1. Read the camera manual;
  2. Check the RTSP port number in the camera menu;
  3. Use a software to look for the port number.

The image below shows the RTSP port number for a Hikvision DVR.

This information is found in the device's network menu.

Hikvision DVR port configuration

If you can't find the RTSP port information try using the software that can communicate with the camera using the ONVIF protocol and look for the port.

Most of the time the RTSP port number is 554 but I've seen some cameras using a different port such as 1554 or 8554 (no explanation for that).

Let's take a look at a list with the most common IP camera models...

RTSP port for the most common IP cameras


RTSP port

















Video: How to find the RTSP URL for your IP camera

Here's a video to help you to find the RTSP URL for your security camera.

Click to play it (YouTube Video).

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