How to Recover a Hikvision camera using TFTP (reflash the firmware)

In this article, I show how to recover a Hikvision camera using the TFTP method.

If you can't access the camera anymore because it's not responding, you need to use this procedure to recover it from a corrupted firmware. 

This procedure is also known as "reflash the firmware" because it erases the memory and installs a new piece of software via simple computer commands.

How the reflash firmware procedure works

The Hikvision IP camera uses the default IP address and has internal instructions to look for a TFTP server with the IP address

To reflash the firmware on a Hikvision camera, you need to have both devices (camera and computer running the TFPT service) using those IP addresses.

The diagram below illustrated the concept.

Hikvision camera and TFTP Server on the same network

Hikvision TFTP Server running on a local network

To recover your Hikvision IP camera, you need to install the TFTP server on the computer and change its IP to, so the camera can find it.

Let's take a look on the how to do that.

How to reflash the firmware on a Hikvision camera (via TFTP server)

Here's the step-by-step to reflash the firmware on a Hikvision camera.

  • Download the TFTP server;
  • Unzip the TFTP server to C:\TFTP-Auto-Update;
  • Download the camera firmware from the Hikvision website;
  • Copy the camera firmware file to C:\TFTP-Auto-Update;
  • Add the extra IP to the computer running the TFTP service;
  • Turn on the Hikvision IP camera and wait for the automatic update.

The firmware from the Hikvision website works only with the camera sold by the authorized resellers; if you have an OEM camera, please contact the seller.

Let's take a look at the details on how to reflash the Hikvsion camera.

Get the TFTP server ready to work

Download the TFTP Server and unzip it on the  C:\TFTP-Auto-Update folder.

Hikvision TFTP Server and firmware file

Place the firmware into the TFTP folder

Note there's an extra file called digicap.dav in the folder C:\TFTP-Auto-Update.

This is the camera firmware file. You need to download the firmware from the Hikvision Website, unzip it and place it into this folder.

The picture below shows the Hikvision website where you can download the firmware from. Use the search box to look for the model you have.

Hikvision Website Download firmware for camera

Hikvision website - Download the camera firmware

Add an extra IP to your computer

You don't need to change the computer IP address.

I recommend you to keep the original IP and just add an extra one.

Windows allows you to do that; follow the steps below to do that.

Right-click the network icon and select " Open Network & Internet settings."

Open Network and Internet Settings

Click "Change adapter options.

Winbdows Change Adapter Options

Right-click the Interface that represents your connection to the network.

Windows Network Connections

Click on "Properties."

Ethernet interface properties

Double-click the "Internet Protocol Version 4" or click "Properties."

Windows Ethernet Properties

Click "Advanced" to open the next window.

Windows Ethernet Properties Advanced

Click "Add..." to add an extra IP address.

Windows Ethernet Properties Add IP

Add the IP with the subnet mask

Computer ID Address for TFTP communication

Save the configuration, and your computer will be ready to communicate with the camera, which will respond on the IP (using mask 

Now it's time to run the TFTP server to reflash your camera.

Run the TFTP server

Double-click the tftpserv file.

Hikvision TFTP Server file

The TFTP server starts running and looks for the camera in the network.

Hikvision TFTP Server

You may see the TFTP server running and communicating with the camera.

Hikvision TFTP Server transmitting

As you can see in the picture below, the TFTP server looks for the camera.

Hikvision TFTP Server transmitting complete

The connection is established the firmware is uploaded to the Hikvision camera.

And it's done.

Now you have your camera reflashed and working again.


Now you know show how to recover a Hikvision camera via TFTP.

The process is straightforward, you just need to add an extra IP address to your computer, install a TFPT server, download the firmware, and run the service.

There's no way to get it wrong, but if you need extra help, visit the Hikvision website.

I hope this article can help you; please share it your friends.