Maintain Privacy within Your Home (Best Tips)

Privacy. A basic human necessity. Doors, walls, and locks are all put in place to add to our much-needed private space. So how do you maintain privacy in your home?

Being able to feel comfortable and alone inside your home is essential to basic human privacy. Thus, it is crucial to work towards this feeling of safety and relaxation within your own home.

Whether it is a peaky neighbor through the blinds, the teens running around outside, or possible thieves that are looking for a way in, all of the above can be serious threats and disturbances to your peace and quiet.

Private Home

Maintain privacy in your home

As we mentioned above, it is extremely influential to continuously add things around your home that aid your privacy level. Below you will find a couple of ways to work on increasing it.

Lock it or lose it

Though it can be quite obvious, you should also lock your home, regardless of the day or hour. Intruders have been known to try doors that might just be unlocked, whether it is the back or front door.

Lock all doors and your windows, no matter if you are home or not. This should be particularly addressed if you have doors that do not lock, broken windows, or any issues to work on.

Also, ensure that you take care of these issues before heading out to a long day of work or even a nice, relaxing family vacation to the Bahamas. Because who can relax when your home might be wide open to thieves?

Be aware of what you leave near the front of your home. Believe it or not, in most houses, a thief wouldn’t have to make it past the front door to gather some of the most valued things in your home.

Reflect on what you tend to leave near the door. Usually, people leave their car and house keys with spares, phones, purses, jewelry, wallets with credit cards and identification, etc. 

Pretty much without stepping past your entryway, the thief can leave with a loaded wallet, a new phone, and a sick ride. Don’t let that happen. Instead, store these things further into your home to increase your safety even further.

Another safety measure you can take is to add light sensors around your home. These sensors are triggered by motion and movement; thus, you’ll know if there is a lurker outside your home.

Cover up

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a peeping Tom, especially when your windows have no cover to shield you and your home.

Usually, apartment owners tend to have more privacy as they can live on the second, third, or fourth floors and so on. Thus, more privacy as there isn’t anyone that can look into your apartment. 

However, living in a house on the first floor can be a great invasion of privacy as there tends to be foot traffic, and anyone can drive by your home. Therefore, covering up your windows can make a big difference.

Install curtains, blinds, or any other cover for your windows that allows you to close them to maximize your privacy. This will put a barrier between you and someone peeking from outside.

Close them if you aren’t home, so intruders won’t see an empty house! Also, remember that these can be useful to control the light in and out of and maintain privacy in your home.

Plant it

Plants are awesome; they serve as food, give off oxygen, and protect your privacy if planted correctly. By strategically placing your garden, you can cover more of your home to outsiders looking in.

Apart from making your ho9me appear prettier, it will also give you more privacy. Look for trees such as Bamboo, Privet, and Ivy. The idea here is to get tall trees or shrubs that cover a lot of space, especially vertically.

Other plants can include Hydrangeas, Ipomoea, and Holly. Using these will help cover up your home. You can also walk around your local plant nursery and look for plants that fit your needs.

Furthermore, walk around your own home a few times. Where are spots that are left open, exposed, and easily accessible? Those are the places where you might consider adding a Euonymus, Skip Laurel, Arborvitae, or Boxwood.

Fence your home

Adding a fence can be a great idea to maintain privacy in your home. You will have an array of options to choose from, including colors, materials, height, and more.

This will allow you to shape your fence to fit your personal wants and needs. Hiring professionals for this installation is recommended, especially if you are not willing to tackle this tough DIY project.

Furthermore, your fence should be tall to keep peepers from peeping and should not be see-through or have holes, as that would defeat the purpose of installing it in the first place.

Security Measures

Last but not least is placing security measures inside your home. By installing a security camera system, you can continue to maintain privacy in your home.

Nevertheless, privacy is not the only benefit of monitoring your home using cameras. You can prevent and deter intruders from targeting your home and wanting to break into your home.

If a thief breaks in, you will have evidence of it to present to the police or court. This does not apply to just robberies; regardless of what happens in the perimeter of your home, you will have footage of it.

Though it might be an investment, it can be a great way to enhance your privacy and secure your home at the same time. They are fantastic pieces of technology that can bring you peace of mind.

Security cameras have improved over the years, allowing them to create a perfect image even in the dark. With the right camera, you might even have facial recognition features.

You will also have alerts and notifications from any movement, weekly recordings, and much more. But most importantly, you will gain access to your camera’s live footage from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, you can add other gadgets into your security system, including smart locks, motion detectors, window sensors, and additional devices that increase your safety.

Security Cameras

Usually, when these alarms or sensors are triggered, your local police will appear at your front door to make sure everything is okay. But be cautious, as some companies might charge you for it. 

Check out the article if you are interested in knowing whether ADT charges if you get false alarms!

Final Thoughts

There are various ways to maintain privacy in your home; it is up to you which route you choose to take to tackle the problem. Your home will improve drastically if you add a fence or some cameras.