Does ADT Charge If You Get False Alarms?

Of all generated security alarms, 95-98% are false alarms. Meaning only 2-5 out of 100 alarms are actually an emergency. This raises the question, what is the charge for ADT False Alarm?

When the alarm is triggered while the alarm is armed, whether fake or real, the police will be alerted and dispatched to the area. If most times police are alerted, it is a false alarm, too much time and resources would be wasted.

If you accidentally hit the panic button or unintentionally trigger your ADT alarm system, you might worry about the charge for ADT False Alarm. But does ADT even have a fee for false alarms?

No, ADT does not charge customers for false alarms. Unless the county, city, or state charges ADT directly. In that case, ADT will relate that fine to the customer.

So, ADT will only charge for ADT False Alarm if the local authorities charge them. A kind of “if, then” situation.

These fines can come from local police precincts that have the jurisdiction to charge owners if any false alarms occur. Laws such as this one are more locally based, and you might have to reach out to your city, town, or county’s police department to ask. 

These fines can depend on the legislation of your local police branch but can vary heavily from a mere $25 to a whopping $300. I suggest calling and asking, just to make sure!

ADT Alarm Panel

What is the charge for ADT False Alarm?

As stated above, ADT works based on an “if, then” policy. This means that IF the local police charge ADT, THEN the homeowner will be charged that fee’s amount. 

Suppose any issues fall onto them, such as faulty wiring, incorrect programming, or faulty installation. In that case, ADT will take the responsibility of covering the fees and even send down a technician to fix it up for you.

When first installing an ADT system, the seller should disclose all details to you, including fees and the additional charge for ADT False Alarm. 

Nevertheless, it is directly impacted by your location and nearest police station and whether they choose to charge ADT, thus, indirectly charging you for falsely dispatching units to a home.

My town’s rule

Again this is solely based on the department’s jurisdiction, and what can apply to me can be different from you. A quick Google search on my town’s police shows me that The first three police responses to false alarms are at no charge to me.

However, if I have a non-registered alarm, I will be charged $75. And the fourth false alarm police response will cost me $100. Additionally, if my system is still not registered by the fourth false alarm, that brings my cost to $175.

The fifth time would cost me $200 and the sixth $300. Plus, the $75 if my alarm is not registered with the city annually, which requires a $25 yearly renewal fee. In a matter of minutes, I was able to find what my city charges, and you can too!

If you receive a charge for ADT False Alarm, it will appear on the following bill cycle, and you may get a notice through your email. If you have any further questions or concerns, you may get in contact with ADT’s customer support.

False alarms can be incorrectly triggered. In that case, ADT takes responsibility for any fees, and you should not be charged. If you do receive a bill, you should dispute it with them. 

The following technical issues may cause false ADT alarms:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Misplaced or faulty sensors
  • Low battery
  • Insufficient power 

If you see any of these issues arise, contact ADT immediately and have them send out a technician to fix them before any false alarms happen and give you a headache.

What is the cost behind false alarms?

Though it sounds silly, false alarms can rake up a lot of money over the year. It can cost over a billion dollars for a year of false alarms. This is because the police being dispatched to a false alarm because they are unaware of whether it is real ends up costing money.

These costs add up and are then taken from taxpayers’ money. Depending on the location, you can be annually charged up to $100 and as low as $20 for a permit from the city to have an alarm. 

In my city, having an alarm that is not registered can cost me $75, but fines for not registering your alarm with the city can reach up to $1,000. So always pay your yearly alarm fee!

Many cities, like mine, as mentioned above, use the three-strike policy, which means they do not charge you in the first three. After that, the price continues to increase.

Avoiding ADT false alarms

Being aware of what triggers a false alarm can give you an idea of what to look for and be mindful of. These triggers include:

  • Not knowing how to turn off the alarm properly, whether you or others in the house.
  • Pets trigger the motion sensors, especially large ones.
  • Doors and windows that were not closed properly.
  • Lightweight objects that are near the AC vents.

Motion zones can be calibrated to avoid false alarms triggered by pets. If you have pets, let installers know so they can configure the settings for you.

Always close doors and windows thoroughly prior to arming the system. If left ajar, the system will be triggered, and a false alarm will be generated. Do not leave any lightweight objects near the AC; they can fly off and trigger the alarm.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the alarm and teach family members or roommates how to operate it properly. A false alarm is often triggered because a family member is unaware and does not know how to turn off the alarm.

If the alarm is for a business and not a home, then more training will be needed as businesses tend to receive more false alarms than residential units. This is solely due to the vast amount of people and employees that have access to said alarm.

If you have other issues with your alarm, such as the ADT error code 6F or bF, check out the article for more information.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you have learned that there is no set charge for ADT False Alarm. You only get charged if they get charged. Furthermore, your local jurisdiction plays a significant role in the cost of a false alarm, so check with them first.

And in any doubt, always reach out to ADT, and ask for a technician if there are any issues with the installation of their product. They are always happy to help!