Is it possible to design a jammer to disable a camera?

Whether you're worried about burglars, or you want to test out a theory. Is it possible to design a jammer that can stop a camera from recording?

Hacked wired CCTV camera

Disable vs. Jamming

Well, to stop or disable a CCTV camera is not the same as jamming or pausing the footage. So what is the difference?


To disable a camera you might have to cut the wires, damage the lens, or cut its power source. However, those are acts of vandalism.

These might land you in jail or get you fined! So keep in mind you should never attempt to break someone's property.

Pausing and jamming

By disabling the camera, it might not work again. However, you can always pause a CCTV camera. But burglars might jam your cameras.

Jamming does not destroy or damage your camera. It just blocks signals though frequency waves to keep the camera from working.

Cameras that are wired to a recorder usually cannot be jammed. But wireless ones can as they connect to the cloud to store footage.

Therefore, the signals are blocked and you will not be aware that someone is in your home. When working with a wired camera, disconnecting it can end up stopping the footage.

But some wireless cameras have batteries and will continue to record. Meaning they will need to be disabled or jammed in order for a burglar to get away without being recorded.

Design a jammer


Now, if you are thinking that a burglar can just make these devices at home, you're wrong! 

To jam cameras, you need a frequency emitting device. These devices can be hard to purchase and apart from that, expensive. 

Many security camera jammers found in the markets and online sites such as Amazon are only used to track camera locations.

These trackers can be used to find and locate hidden cameras in rooms. And can be useful in hotels or even hospitals that have been found utilizing hidden cameras.

As for actually being able to design a jammer, it is almost impossible as you would need all the technology to produce the right amount of frequency.

Though it is not impossible to be done, it sure isn't cheap. This is not a kit found at your local Walmart. And cannot be done over a long weekend.

So burglars are out of luck for that one! Which means you can have some peace of mind and relax as the probabilities of having your cameras jammed are slim. 😅

But what is even slimmer is the possibility of a burglar having the resources to design a jammer and target your house.

To stay safe

Now that you are aware that someone cannot just design a jammer, there are ways to keep safe. For example, traveling.

When staying somewhere new, you should always have a camera tracker. Many hidden cameras can be found. And like any electronic device, they produce frequency waves.

When interrupted it can cause them to malfunction. These devices emit higher frequencies and track where the cameras are found.

Then it is up to you to find it and physically disable it. Keep in mind that some of these hidden cameras can in fact record audio as well.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to disable it from looking at you and call the authorities. Breaking it might keep them from finding the culprits.

Be aware that these devices that track the location of hidden cameras do not jam them. Jamming is illegal and professional devices are only used by authorities to jam the cameras.

Your camera


Keep in mind that just because a burglar cannot design a jammer, it does not mean they cannot access a device.

However, there are many ways you can be smart and keep burglars from targeting your home. The first is to keep your lawn signs off the lawn.

Though it can work both ways, letting burglars know what kind of cameras you have is usually helpful to them. So if your sign has a company logo, just keep in inside.

Additionally, having other security alarms apart from cameras can ensure that you will further secure your home.

These include strong locks, window and door alarms, and even a dog. Try not to solely rely on the camera to keep you safe.

Furthermore, place cameras in less obvious places. This keeps them from being spotted and vandalized or jammed.

Another way of keeping safe is to know what type of camera you want to invest in. We have talked about the disabling and pausing of cameras.

Now let's go over the two main types of cameras.

Wireless cameras

When utilizing a wireless camera, the electricity to power the camera can come from an outlet. Or a battery that is rechargeable and therefore, replaceable. 

This can mean that even after the cable is cut, the camera itself, does not stop recording. Due to the batteries still running and it will continue to upload to the cloud.

Some cameras operate on outlets but also include a backup battery. Which can then be charged once the camera is reconnected to said outlet. Therefore, burglars can be caught.

Additionally, some cameras will alert your phone through an app, while other cameras have the ability to immediately alert the authorities and transmit an alarm.

These features are the ones that cause the burglars to jam your wireless security system in order to keep the alarm from being raised while they clean your house out.

Wireless cameras can be jammed, but they require not only the device but the right amount of frequency to interrupt the camera.

Good thing that burglars can't design a jammer, as getting their hands on one is not so simple. And keep in mind that cameras are not all they must worry about.

Burglars must go through alarm systems, cameras, window and door alarms, and sometimes even a dog! So, you should not worry about it much.

Wired camera

cctv security camera for surveillance

Though it is less of a jam, and more of an act of vandalism, the cutting of wires is particularly easy to accomplish. 

However, it can be a bit harder if the cable is not exposed and neatly tucked into walls of the home. Which can give you a clear view of the criminal before the cable is cut.

It can also not be jammed as the recordings are stored through a DVR. This can be a safer option when it comes to jamming.

However, it can be the first victim to vandalism and disabling through the wires and lens breaking.

The bottom line

Overall, you should not let the thought of a burglar being able to design a jammer keep you up at night. There are other ways to disable or pause a camera for whatever necessary reason.

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