Can burglars jam your wireless security system?

Burglaries happen, however, the majority of the criminals are caught. Many of which were spotted by a camera! But can burglars jam your wireless security system and get access to your property?

Jamming cameras is illegal

When installing a camera into your home or business, you have two main choices. Most businesses operate using CCTV cameras. These run wires from the cameras all the way to a room where footage is stored.

Another option are wireless cameras that connect to WiFi. They transmit the image live, while also uploading the footage to the cloud for viewing at any time. So you can watch all over the world.

Wireless cameras can be mainly found in homes nowadays as their installing process is simple and can be done by anyone. 

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the burglaries in the US are mostly from easy entry into the property through a window or door.

Therefore, the percent chance of the criminal utilizing a method to jam your wireless security system is particularly low.

Meaning that the odds of it happening are more inclined to what kind of camera you own and the vulnerability it has for being jammed or blocked.

Types of cameras

Depending on the type of camera you are using it's harder or easier to tamper it.

Let's take a look at some of them.

Wired cameras

Though it is less of a jam, and more of an act of vandalism, the cutting of wires is particularly easy to accomplish. 

However, it can be a bit harder if the cable is not exposed and neatly tucked into walls of the home. Which can give you a clear view of the criminal before the cable is cut.

However, a wireless camera can have a different ending to the story...

Wireless camera

Wireless camera

When utilizing a wireless camera, the electricity to power the camera can come from an outlet. Or a battery that is rechargeable and therefore, replaceable. 

This can mean that even after the cable is cut, the camera itself, does not stop recording. Due to the batteries still running and it will continue to upload to the cloud.

Some cameras operate on outlets but also include a backup battery. Which can then be charged once the camera is reconnected to said outlet. Therefore, burglars can be caught.

Additionally, some cameras will alert your phone through an app, while other cameras have the ability to immediately alert the authorities and transmit an alarm.

These features are the ones that cause the burglars to jam your wireless security system in order to keep the alarm from being raised while they clean your house out.

How burglars jam your wireless security system

Burglars usually use a device that emits frequencies that can jam your wireless security system, therefore blocking its ability to contact you or the authorities. Giving them time too take a look around and make it our free.

Though this is not a breaking new issue, it is crucial to be aware of what is going on. Cameras are devices that receive wireless signals, like many others such as your phone. 

When an overpowering frequency comes near the devices, it messes up the regular frequency. Therefore, overwhelming the camera and keeping it from working.

However, this requires the equipment to produce said frequency, and knowledge on the subject. Apart from that, jamming is illegal. So, the intent of jamming your cameras is most likely criminal.

Equipment and knowledge

Alarms will keep you safe if a burglar tries to jam your wireless security system

The information on how to jam cameras can be found throughout the internet. However, the purchase of the equipment can also be illegal and hard to find.

Hopefully, that gives you some peace of mind! The knowledge of how much frequency you need and what to look for can also be hard to get around to. 

But keep yourself from helping them out. If your house is being targeted, and you display a sign on your front lawn, this can do more harm than good sometimes.

This allows the criminals to be aware you have cameras and even what kinds. Giving them insight into what they will need and point them in the right direction.

If your house where to be broken int, and they jam your wireless security system, then a door or window lock can catch them. They would need a very sophisticated plan and equipment to do such a thing,

Therefore, it is not something that should be keeping you up at night! However, there are steps and methods to further invest in your security at home.

Combat jams

Providers and companies are always looking for new ways to keep you safer. And the combating of jams are one of the many issues that have been looked into and fixed.

There are now programs that allow the camera to alert you when it believes it is being jammed. And the contact of authorities is left to you. Though it might not be long before another feature that combats jamming is added!

This feature cannot be Googled and then combated, Therefore, it is a great way that companies protect their cameras and evolve with the needs of their customers.

The system to combat jams were made by SimpliSafe and its algorithm continues to evolve to keep criminals from understanding how it works.

The probability

pause a CCTV camera through your phone

To further keep you from insomnia at night worrying about a criminal trying to jam your wireless security system, the chances are extremely low!

The burglar only has a couple of minutes to clean out your house. There are neighbors, cameras around, and many other witnesses.

They will need to know your type of security camera before they break-in. In addition to the knowledge and equipment, they must bring.

Entering the home must also be hard. Picking locks, and going through motion detectors in the doors and windows. Which will probably set off an alarm or alert your phone. 

Therefore, you have nothing to worry about! It is easier for the burglar to come in and attempt to steal and get caught by a camera. Then to attempt a high level breaking in to jam your wireless security system. 😂

The bottom line

There are many protective layers that can be placed in your home. All are incredibly helpful in keeping your property secure. And include a variety of points in your home or business.

Apart from cameras, you can have smart locks or sensors in windows and doors. Lighting can also be crucial when it comes to identifying the burglar. Which might explain why are there LEDs around a CCTV camera.

Overall, a combination of security layers is usually what keeps a criminal from getting away. Though no system is impenetrable, it does limit how far the criminal gets.

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