How to Install a Ring Security System?

Installing a security system in a house has become a basic necessity. It has many benefits, and the most important one is to save your home from intruders and any theft. Out of all these security systems, the ring security system powered by Amazon is the most reliable and consumer favorite.

The Ring security system comes in packs of 5-piece kit, 8-piece kit, 8-piece kit with an indoor camera, 8-piece kit with a video doorbell, and 14-piece kit. Their prices differ, but here’s what the pieces stand for:

Base Station

It is the core of the Ring security system connected to all the other pieces and commands them to perform various functions. It controls all the necessary and critical functions that provide security. The base station’s other operations are:

● Self-monitoring- If chosen, the base station will generate notifications to your device and other connected devices, a push notification, and email alerts whenever the sensors trip.

●  Professional Monitoring- Whenever the sensors detect unwanted motions, they will trip. This will cause the base station to set off a thief alarm and command the monitoring hub to call for first responders or police. The base station will also send notifications to the connected devices and email alerts if it is chosen. Also, this feature is limited to the Ring Protect Plus package.

● System Communication- The base station keeps you updated regarding the system status through audio and visual aid. Every change is monitored and displayed along with the events using voice alerts.

●  System Backup- The Ring Security System’s base station contains battery and LTE cellular backup to ensure that the device forms a ring of security at all times, even when broadband or electricity is not available. (The cellular backup feature is included in the professional monitoring.)

●  System Backup- The Ring Security System’s base station contains battery and LTE cellular backup to ensure that the device forms a ring of security at all times, even when broadband or electricity is not available. (The cellular backup feature is included in the professional monitoring.)


The ring system’s keypad contains a rechargeable battery for charging and can also be charged using the AC. This is an alternative way to ensure the alarm stays armed and working. Using this keypad, you can arm or disarm the system, trigger the alarm, or exclude some sensors.

Contact Sensor

Ring Contact Sensor


These magnetic sensors provide their assistance on the windows and doors, which trigger an alarm whenever the windows and doors are opened. You can purchase extra magnetic sensors separately.

Motion Detector

Ring Motion Detector


Using Passive Infrared Scanning (PIR), these detectors detect motion within their range. As soon as they detect any movement, they send an alert and trigger the alarm. The Ring Security System contains at least one motion detector, and you can buy extra separately as well.

Range Extender

The base station and Ring Alarm create a secure communication channel for sending and receiving alerts and triggering alarms. This secure network is termed as Z-wave. Since it is not a Wi-Fi connection, it won’t interfere with Wi-Fi signals. For more info, see our blog on Wireless Security.

A range extender’s responsibility is to create a safe passage for the Ring alarm components to communicate with each other and develop a secure communication channel for the base station to communicate with any device.

Steps on How to Install the Ring Security System

Installing this DIY system is relatively easy.  For a video on the entire unboxing and setup, click here. You can set up the whole system within 15 minutes by performing the following steps:

Download the Application and Create an Account

Without the app, you won’t be able to create a free Ring account. So first, download the latest version of the Ring app for Android or iOS. Then create the Ring account.

Security System App

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This is your Ring account that you need to create in order to set up the system with all the devices and activate them. If you don’t have a Ring account to log in with, create an account by inputting your email and password.

Set Up a Device

In the app’s menu, select the “Set up a Device”. After that, you need to tap on Security Devices, where you will see “Base Station” or “Alarm” options. Select the Alarm option to specify your device.

Add Your Address

This step is simple for those who already have an account as the app asks for address confirmation. If you recently registered to the app, then you need to input your address here. The address is necessary to activate the Ring security system because every location can only have one Alarm Security Kit associated with it.

Pick a Spot to Place Motion Detectors and Sensors

Choose a spot where you want to install your Ring Alarm Security system. Choosing the right location is critical to creating a ring of security within the house. Also, think about where you will be placing your base station, keypad, and other kit accessories.

You will want to place the base station where you can easily hear the alarm and not miss it when triggered. Keep the base station within the range of your Wi-Fi connection to keep the devices and base station active.

Whenever you install a security system, the keypad is another primary way to interact with your security system. The same is the case with the Ring Security system. Other than the Ring app, you can input commands through the keypad.

You can also arm or disarm the security system or perform other functions through it. So, be sure you place the keypad near a door you frequently use to move in and outside the house.

Connect the Base Station

Connecting the base station is easy. The Ring app makes it simpler to connect to the base station and then set up the base station with the devices. Just follow some easy steps mentioned in the app to connect your base station.

Plugin the base station’s adapter into an outlet and the other end of the adapter into the base station. As soon as you do that, the light in the middle will turn blue. After that, push the pairing button on the base station to enable pairing mode.

You can either connect the base station via entering your Wi-Fi information or plugin the included ethernet cable into the router.

Connect the Remaining Devices

The rest of the devices in the kit are similarly easy to install. Follow the steps in the app to connect the keypad, the range extender, the motion sensor, and the door/window sensors. The keypad comes with a power adapter, but it's supposed to run on the rechargeable battery for months.

The motion and door/window sensors are also battery-powered. The range extender plugs into a wall outlet. You'll be asked to assign each device a unique name so you can more easily tell them apart in the app and when you receive alerts.

Testing your Ring Security System

Your DIY Ring Security system has been installed now and ready to provide its service. Start using the app and learn all its ins and outs. Learn to use the arm, disarm, home, and away from features and activate the alarm into the base station.

When you sign up for the upgraded package of Ring Protect Plus at $10 per month or $100 per year, the system provides you a seven-day “Practice Mode”. With the help of this Practice Mode, you will learn about the security system without triggering any false alarms or alerting the authorities.

This Practice Mode is the perfect time to learn how to arm and disarm through the keypad or the app. Also, test the working of the sensors and other pieces to make sure everything works. Here is what you should check:

  • Are the sensors triggering at the right moment? If you haven’t installed the sensors or motion detectors properly, your system won’t work correctly.
  • Are the sensors communicating properly with the base station? Placing the sensors too far away from the base station won’t send reports at the right time or any at all if they are misplaced.
  • Are the sensors triggering the system alarm properly? If your alarm is set for Away or Stay and somebody opens a door or window, does the alarm blare loudly? Or the system goes into Entry Delay?

Learn the App

Ring app is an easy-to-use app with an appealing interface. It is simple to navigate your way through the menu and different functions. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the app, so you need to learn the basics as well as other functions like:

  • Dashboard
  • Utility bar
  • Neighbors nearby incidents
  • Side menu
  • History
  • Setting
  • New features
  • Invite neighbors

You won’t feel like you are using an overly-complicated app as the app shows clear-cut icons for simple navigation.

Set up User and Responsibilities

The Ring app also lets you control the system by offering three categories with different roles and responsibilities:

  • Owner
  • Guest
  • Shared User

The Ring security system is an easy to install security system that provides your house a security perimeter to keep it safe from burglars and unwanted intrusion. You can rely on this reliable security system to eliminate all your stress relating to your home’s security.