Hik-Connect – How to update the App on Android phone

Unfortunately, the Hik-Connect App is no longer available on the Google Play Store; thus, Android users cannot update their App directly. Learn how to update the Hik-Connect App.

When a new update is released, the Hik-Connect App will not be installed and updated automatically. Therefore, to update the App to its latest version on an Android phone, you will need to access Hikvision’s App Store and install Hik-Connect – for End user.

Once in the App Store, you can download the update and have the file download on your phone. The instructions below will show you step-by-step how to update the Hik-Connect App on an Android through the Hikvision App Store.

Manually update the Hik-Connect App on Android.

You can download the official Hik-connnect App directly from the Hikvision website by clicking this link.

It’s possible to use your PC and scan a QR code to get the link to the App.

Use your mobile to scan the QR code and get the link for the download.

You may see the new Hik-Connect for end user.

Click the download button to get the. Note that it should be in an .APK format.

Click the download button to get the. Note that it should be in an .APK format.

Download the file once the message appears on the screen. And worry not, as the file is safe as it comes from Hikvision’s App Store.

Click “Open” to proceed with the installation.

Once the installation begins, you can monitor the progress by checking the progress bar as you wait for it to finish.

Follow the installation wizard and allow the Hik-Connect to have access to the files on your mobile.

The App should be installed soon, and you are pretty much done. Now the latest version of the Hik-Connect should be installed on your phone.

Now you can launch the App by clicking Open or done to return to the previous screen.

Final Thoughts

Note that if your screen does not display App installed, it means the update was not installed properly, and you have to restart the process once again.