How to Reset Blink Cameras [ Easy Steps ]

Somedays, humans need a break, a nap, a reset. So don’t get mad at your camera when it needs one too. This article will cover how to reset a Blink camera.

Users can reset a Blink camera by holding down the reset button on the Sync Module. The button should be found on the side of to module. Press it down until the red light indicates that the reset was complete.

After resetting your camera, the system will need to connect the module to the app once again. However, if your camera does not use a module, then you can use the built-in reset button to reset the camera directly.

Blink cameras

Offline camera

Though it might be your first instinct to reset your camera if it is offline, you should take steps before doing so. It is recommended to power cycle instead. This should bring the camera back online.

Power cycling means you turn off the unit, give it a couple of seconds, and turn it back on. If the camera is offline, you will be power cycling your Sync Module or router.

To power cycle your Sync Module:

  1. First, unplug the power cable and wait 15 seconds before plugging it back.
  2. Give the system a minute or two for it to power back on. You should see solid green and blue indicator lights.

Furthermore, after power cycling your Sync Module, you should try to do the same with your router if your camera continues to be offline. To do so, you will just unplug your router and plug it back after a minute.

If the camera continues to be offline, you can now attempt to reset it. Below you will find instructions on how to reset a Blink camera and troubleshoot.

Reset a Blink camera

Blink cameras use a hub, the Sync Module, to communicate and connect to the network. Sync Modules are used in various Blink models such as XT2, XT, Indoor, and Outdoor.

However, it is better to do it through the Sync Module instead of directly through the camera when resetting. This is because resetting the Module will reset the whole system, unlike the camera.

Note that doing this will revert the Module and your entire system to the factory settings, and you will need to start the setup as if it was brand new.

Resetting the Blink Sync Module

If the power cycling does not solve your issue, move on to resetting. This is a straightforward procedure and will only require a paperclip.

Go to your Sync Module and find the reset button that sits beside the USB port. You must press and hold the button down until the light turns red, then let go. It should take around 30 seconds or so.

It is recommended to insert a small paperclip end into the reset hole as pictured below. Ensure you do not use sharp objects such as thumbtacks and safety pins as they can damage the device.

The Module will show a solid green indicating light along with a blue flashing light. If you wanna learn how to turn off the blue light on Blink camera, read the article!

After resetting the system, the factory mode will be activated. Thus, you will need to set up the cameras again as they will be offline. The whole system will need to be configured, just like the first time you set it up.

To begin, you will need to delete the Sync Module from your Blink app and then reinstall the application. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Launch the Blink app on your phone
  2. Select the “?” icon
  3. Choose the “Delete Sync Module” option
  4. Enter or scan the serial number of the module
  5. Then choose “Delete” and return to the home screen
  6. Click the “+” sign to add the module back to the system
  7. Choose “Blink wireless camera system.”
  8. Enter or scan the device’s serial number once again
  9. Then select the Blink system and choose “Discover Device.”
  10. Lastly, click “Join” followed by “Done.”

Reset a Blink Mini Camera

Unlike the other models, the Blink Mini camera does not need a Sync Module to operate. Therefore, the camera needs to be reset individually.

The process takes only a minute or two. You will need to locate and press down on the reset button located at the bottom of the camera. After holding it for around 30 seconds, the camera will be factory reset.

At times, it might be hard to find the reset button on a Blink camera, so closely inspect the camera. For instance, as pictured below, the reset button on a Blink Mini is on the bottom near the attachment of the stand and towards the front of the camera.

Next to the button, there should be a small but legible inscription that says “reset.” The button on Blink modules XT and XT2 will be found in the battery compartment. 

It should be near the serial number sticker at the top. Furthermore, in the camera, there will be a reset button hole that is very tiny.

Lastly, the Blink Indoor and Outdoor model have their reset buttons in the battery compartment. You will need the help of a paperclip to reach the reset button on the right side.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the process of resetting a Blink camera is simple. Nevertheless, you should not jump to reset if your camera is offline. You must first try alternative methods such as power cycling your Sync Module or router.

If power cycling does not work, you can reset the Sync Module if your camera model utilizes one. After doing so, you will need to delete and add your Sync Module to your Blink app.

Remember that you will need to configure your setting from scratch after resetting. As for cameras that do not utilize the Sync Module, you will need to individually reset them using the reset button on the camera.

For any other issues, you can always reach out the Blink customer support, as they can help you if the issue is not resolved with a power cycle and reset.