How To Merge Hikvision Recording Files

When exporting various recording files from a Hikvision recorder (NVR/DVR), your files will be short and all separated. Learn how to merge Hikvision recording files in this article.

The reason behind all the separated recordings could be due to factors, including the type of recording schedule set up for your recorder. For instance, having motion detection enabled will create various separated files.

Thus, as a user, you can imagine that it is not convenient to go through the videos individually. For instance, suppose you download recordings from your Hikvision recorder, and it saves as ten files with varying frame lengths.

Worry not; if you find yourself in this situation, you can always merge Hikvision recording files into one piece. Nevertheless, you can’t do this directly on the recorder and will have to use Hikvision’s VSPlayer to combine them.

Below you will find instructions on how to merge Hikvision recording files together into one by using the VSPlayer.

Instructions to merge Hikvision recording files

You will first need to download and run the VSPlayer on your computer. For more information, read all about it in the Download VSPlayer article. Once you have opened it, choose the Toolbox icon.

Choose the Merge function.

VS Player Merge Files Menu

The merge window will pop up, then select “Add” to open another window as shown.

Add Files to merge

Now you can find your playback file and select “Open” to import all the files.

You can select all the files at once or repeat this process for each of the playback files until you have imported all the needed files.

The software will then merge all the files you have added into one piece.

Select Files to Merge

Give the file a name.

Select the Browse option to choose where the merged file will be stored on your computer.

Name and Path for the file

Once you have selected a saving location for your merged file, click on “Start” and the software will save them merged.

A “Merging complete” message pops up to alert you the process is finished.

Start Merge process

And it’s done. Now you have the final version of the file merged.

Final file merged

Final Thoughts

After you merge Hikvision recording files, the software will attach all the files together into one for an easy-to-watch video. Make sure you run through it to ensure it looks correct.