How to Fix Blink Error 1011 [ Tested Fix ]

Blink is a user-friendly brand that gives your home more protection. Yet, it is not perfect. Let’s cover how to fix Blink error 1101.

A known error on the Blink camera is the “NSURLErrorDomain error 1011,” commonly referred to as the error 1101. There are various messages that can arise to users, but they all circulate back to the same problem.

Other similar messages that can be displayed include:

  • “Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error – 1011).”
  • “Network request failed: NSURLErrorDo-main error-1011”.

All of these alternatives refer to the same Blink error. So regardless of which you have seen, the solution is the same. The error has been spotted in the Blink app or when users attempt to play the camera’s saved footage.

It might also happen when the camera is connected to a VPN and users try to start the monitoring app. Regardless of where the error emits from, it can cause users a headache.

This error emerges when a network request fails and users cannot gain access. Blink error 1101 is triggered mainly by issues with connectivity and can be solved by troubleshooting the network and its connection.

Fixing Blink error 1101

As stated above, a handful of things can trigger the error to keep users from having complete access to the camera. Below you will find a list of possible solutions to the error code.

WiFi coverage

Your WiFi has a specific range that it can reach. Walls, objects, and doors blocking its path can make it harder for your Blink to connect to it. Thus, you must be alert to how strong the internet is at the spot your Blink is installed in.

If the signal is weak and there is little to no coverage, the stability of the connection between the WiFI and the camera will be unstable and can therefore drop. Thus causing the camera to be unable to connect or communicate with the app.

To eliminate the Blink error 1101, you can attempt to move the camera closer to the router or vice versa. You may also invest in WiFi extenders to cover more considerable distances and bring the connection closer to your camera without having to move either device.

App reset

A quick way to stop the error is to attempt to reset your Blink app. To do so, clear the app’s data through your storage options and relaunch the app. Log in using your credentials and check if the same error appears.

A similar solution is to uninstall the app entirely and then reinstall it. You will then be prompted to connect your camera to your phone. It is also essential to keep both your device and the application up to date.

If the above did not work, borrow a friend’s phone and try again to rule out the possibility that your issue is not directly related to your phone.

Router Reboot

People tend to overlook the importance of a quick router reset. On plenty of occasions, this can solve bugs and glitches you are experiencing in under minutes. This can also help boost your connection!

To do so, turn your router off and on, leaving a 30-second period in between. Just by power cycling your router, your network will be refreshed. In many cases, the error should vanish, and you will have access to the camera.

Disable VPN settings

People that encounter the Blink error 1101 might be connected to VPN services on their device. These services, like NordVPN, serve as an excellent deterrent for hackers but keep your camera from connecting to the app.

Disable or disconnect your VPN before opening the app and seeing your Blink camera. If, for some reason, you have to leave the VPN on, try changing to a new location.

Apart from that, you can also reach out to your VPN provider and explain the situation; they might have a solution for you.

Another Network

You can try changing the network connection to your phone’s data. Connecting to the 4G, 5G, or LTE can stop the Blink error 1101 from happening.

Follow the instruction below to change the network:

  1. First, open the gear icon located at the bottom of the app. Then find Account Settings and click on the system’s name under System Settings.
  2. Select Sync Module, check the status screen, and then choose “Change WiFi Network.”
  3. Continue to follow the prompt on the screen and then click on the Reset button. Use a paperclip or a similar thin object to insert and press the release button. It is a small hole located on the side of a Sync Module.
  4. When a flashing blue and solid green pattern happens, you can press Discover Device and then join a Sync Module Network.
  5. To join, select the Join button and choose from the list of available network choices. After you do so, a message will say “Sync Module added,” and you can click on Done.

Blink Support

Ever heard that the customer is always right? Well, Blink being a big company means that they highly value their customers. Thus if you cannot solve the Blink error 1101 issue, worry not, as you will have the support of their team behind you!

To aid them in the process, make sure you already have your Blink camera‘s model and serial number on hand if they ask, and explain the issue to them clearly.

At times they might walk you through how to fix the error or even connect to your network remotely. Thus, they can always step in to help if you are struggling to solve it.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of how to solve this error, you might encounter other issues with the Blink cameras, such as needing to turn off the blue light on the Blink camera. If you wanna find out how to, check out the article.