How to clean security cameras

When placing a camera outside, you should be aware that dirt and whether can pile up. Let me teach you how to clean your security camera.

clean your security camera

Your camera can actually get extremely filthy due to various factors present outside your home. Therefore, blurring your image, or even damaging your camera.

In this article, we will look at the factors you should be aware of and how to prevent them, as well as getting completely rid of them.


All outdoor cameras are bound to be exposed to dirt and debris that flies through the air. 

Though the chances of this seriously affecting your camera is low, it will still block some of your footage. It can overall appear dirty and have a lower quality.

Especially if the debris ends up sticking to the lens due to humidity in the air. Therefore, giving it a nice clean with a microfiber towel will help the footage look that much better.

Along with the towel, you can get a bit of water or some cleaning solution for cleaning electronics. Try to stay away from products that can scratch or damage the lens.

Products such as detergents with extra-strength, or products that include alcohol and other harsh ingredients are best kept away from your camera. 

As well as rough materials like paper towels, magazines or newspapers.

It might depend on where you live, and how dirty your camera gets, but a quick wipe down here and there can fix your issue and keep your camera in its tip-top shape.

You can also utilize pressurized air to reach areas you cannot and push off all the unwanted dust and debris right off. 

Make sure to blow at an angle in which the dust will be removed and refrain from pushing it deeper into the camera.


Spider on security cameras

The little critters can find a warm and cozy home on your camera lens. And spiders can even go as far as leaving you a lovely gift and building their webs all over your lens..

To bugs, a dark and warm corner is an invitation to stay, which is where most outdoor cameras are installed. Spiders are some of the most common bugs found in cameras outdoors.

This is because they feed themselves with insects, who are also attracted to your camera's light and warmth. Therefore spiders find it to be the perfect place to set their trap and webs.

However, you won't have the best time killing and getting rid of the webs. Therefore, it is best to find a permanent solution.

How to keep bugs away from security cameras

Bugs usually come to a security camera at night time because they are attracted to the Infrared LEDs. 

You can use bugs repellent to keep them away, but the smart solution is to eliminate the source of the problem.

Use bugs repellents around the camera

Though this is a semi-permanent solution, it is affordable and quick! This can be great to get rid of all the critters and their invitation to stay.

There are many different products that can help keep insects away, and you have to choose the best one that will work for you.

I've seen people using professional repellers such as the Bug Soother Spray. And also some home-made products based on peppermint or Eucalyptus.

Yeah, I'm serious. People just use peppermint oil around the camera, and the bugs stop coming until the smell goes away or the next rain comes. 

You can try this solution but be aware that you have to use it often.

And to further keep bugs away, you should opt for a dome-shaped camera. As it is harder to grab on, and bugs will likely slide right off. 

As well as installing outdoor cameras under eaves to add an extra layer between the camera and the bugs.

If you want to know how else to keep bugs away, keep reading here.

Fog and condensation

clean your security camera

Both temporary and permanent solutions can be found to clean your security camera.

Temporary solutions

When trying to find a quick and easy solution for a temporary condensation, wiping off the drops of water with a microfiber cloth can be one of the simplest ways to eliminate the problem. 

This type of cloth will not leave water spots and can be a quick solution and temporary fix when you need one. 

You can use this if you live in an area where the weather does not regularly affect your outdoor CCTV camera, and you require a quick solution every once in a while. 

Another way to quickly remove condensation without leaving traces behind is too heated up slightly with a hairdryer. 

However, condensation can go farther than just the outside of your camera.

When condensation has built up inside of your dome, it signals that there is air circulating inside your CCTV camera dome.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to open the closing and remove the outer lens cover to wipe off the inside of the glass.

If you want to take a look at permanent solutions on how to clean your security camera keep on reading by clicking here.

The bottom line

Keeping your camera "clean" can go deeper than you thought. It is not just about the debris that needs to be wiped away. 

There are plenty of factors that can affect your camera and video quality.

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