How to stop spider webs on security cameras

I bet you are looking for a solution to stop spider webs on security cameras but you don't know what attracts them to your camera, right?

Spider webs on security cameras

Perhaps you've read something about this topic and you think the IR (infrared) LED are the ones inviting these little critters to come in, but that's not true 🙂

Why spiders are attracted to security cameras

Spiders build their webs on security cameras because they want to capture the insects that are attracted to infrared lights, so they just want to guarantee the next meal and your cameras are helping them by attracting bugs.

Did you get that? You have to change the focus to the bugs that are attracted to security cameras. According to the spider biologists, spiders consume approximately 10 percent of their body weight in food per day which means they will pay a visit to your camera many times to satisfy their hunger. 

Let's see them how to deal with bugs on security cameras....

How to keep bugs away from security cameras

Bugs usually come to a security camera on night time because they are attracted to the Infrared LEDs, you can use bugs repellent to keep them away, but the smart solution is to eliminate the source of the problem.

Here are some tips to keep bugs away from security cameras.

Turn off the Infrared LEDs

That's the most effective solution. Just turn off the security camera IR LEDs that attract the bugs to the camera and use an external illuminator.

That's a smart solution because the bugs are now attracted to the IR illuminator and since the lens is not there, that won't cause a problem when the spiders build their webs. You just need to clean it up from time to time.

Depending on the camera model you are using, there's a menu that allows you to turn off the IR LEDs. But unfortunately, some other models such as the ones that come in the Zosi PoE Kit won't have this option available.

If that's your case, consider buying another security camera or use the alternative methods I describe in the rest of the article, here they are...

Use bugs repellents around the camera

There are a lot of different products that can help you to keeps insects away and you just have to choose the best one that will work outdoors.

I've seen people using professional repellers such as the Bug Soother Spray and also some home-made products based on peppermint or Eucalyptus.

Yeah, I'm serious. People just use peppermint oil around the camera and the bugs stop coming until the smell goes away or the next rain comes.

You can try this solution but, be aware that you have to use it often.

Apply lubricants to the camera housing

Make the camera housing slippery and that will help to prevent bugs and spiders from crawling on your security cameras. They just don't like that.

You can use products like vaselineTeflon spray, or silicon around the camera housing, mount, and walls close to the cameras.

A good product reported by users is the ACF 50 lubricant that could keep the spider and bugs away. Since it's inexpensive, I think it worth a try to test it out.

Use a flea collar around the camera

That's a different way to solve the problem but it helps when it's combined with other solutions previously explained in the article.

Just loop a flea collar around the camera and it will drop the active ingredients that repel bugs. I know it's kind of a weird method but some users have reported that fewer bugs come to the camera after start using it. 

Clean the  security camera

You can use the traticional way of solving problem just by cleaning the camera.

But be aware that the spiders come back fast to build a new web and you need to keep constantly cleaning the camera if you don't use any other solution.

Use a camera with anti-spider technology

Clinton Electronics manufactures high-level security cameras and years ago a security camera with anti-spider technology was launched.

The camera has the technology to generate a sound that repels spiders.

Anti spider technology

If you still don't have security cameras and are considering to buy a surveillance system that could be a good solution to keep spiders away from your cameras.

Since I don't work for the company, I'm not sure if the models are still available so if you are interested please visit the Clinton Electronics website and ask for more information. 


You can stop spider webs on security cameras by avoiding bugs.

There are different solutions for this problem and you just need to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Just try them out!

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.