How to Add a device to the Hik-Connect App

In this article, I show how to add a device to the Hik-Connect App

You can use Hik-connect to watch the Hikvision security camera remotely from your mobile phone. The platform works for Android and iOS devices.

To add a camera, NVR, or DVR to the Hik-Connect App, you need to enable the service in the device and create a verification code; download the App Hik-Connect for End Users to your mobile phone or tablet and follow a setup Wizard on the device screen.

This method is known as Cloud P2P, and it’s commonly used for remote access to your cameras and recorders. Still, it’s also possible to use different methods, such as the device’s IP address (IP/Domain) or the Hik-Connect DDNS.

Let’s look at how to set up the Hik-Connect Service with a real example.

Adding a Device to Hik-Connect using Cloud P2P

To add a camera or recorder to Hik-Connect, the first step is to enable Platform Access on the device. Here are the steps.

Enable Hik-Connect on the device (camera, DVR or NVR)

Go to Main Menu > Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Platform Access and check the box to enable Hik-Connect.

Enable Hik-Connect in the device

Install the Hik-Connect App for End User

The old Hik-connect App no longer works, and you need to download the new one from the Hikvision website since it’s not available in the Android or Apple store.

I have an article detailing how to install the Hik-connect for End Users on Android phones.

Download and install the Hik-Connect from the Hikvision AppStore Website. There’s a version for iOS and Android.

Download Hikvision Hik-Connect

After the installation, Click on the button to Add a new device and enter the device serial number (last 9 digits in the model name)

Add a device to Hik-Connect

You can find the device serial number in the configuration menu as shown in the picture below.

Hikvision Device Serial Number

Insert the verification code created before in the previous step.

Hikvision device Serial Code

Give the camera a name and save the configuration.

Hikvision Camera name

And it’s done. Now you have your device added to Hik-Connect.

Camera added to the Hik-Connect

Other OEM cameras and recorders also work with Hik-Connect because they also have the Hikvision hardware. Here’s a list of such devices:  

3xLogic, ABUS, Acegear, Activecam, ADJ, Advidia,, Alibi, Allnet, Alula, Anaveo, Annke, Arcdyn, Armix, Aukoo Technology, Aventura Technologies, Avue, Cantek, CCTVStar, ClearWay, Covert Security, Dax Networks, DMP, Dodwell BMS, DSS, Dunlop, DVR Unlimited, Ellipse Security, Epcom, Esypop, Ezviz, Gess Technologies, Global Network Security, GovComm, Grundig, GVS Security, Hinovision, Hitachi, Hitosino, Honeywell, Hunt CCTV, Hyundai Security, Infinite Pixels, Inkovideo, Innekt, Interlogix, Invidtech, JFL, Jlinks, LaView, LTS, Mercury Security, MicroView, Nelly’s Security, Norelco SafeCam, Northern Cameras, Novicam, NTT, Oculur, Onix, Power Technology, Protect Group, Raster, Remark Thermal, RVi, Safety Vision, Safire, Scati, SecurityTronix, Sentry CCTV, Sharp, Siqura, Smart CT Solutions, SnapAV Luma, Space Technology, Syscom, Technomate, Toshiba, Trendnet, Vantage Security, Vezco CCTV, Videoteknika, Winic CCTV, Zicom.