Hikvision SADP error 2015 (solved)

This article will help you to solve the problem with the Hikvision SADP error 2015.

If you have a Hikvision camera or recorder (DVR or NVR), you may face this type of error while trying to configure the IP address. So let's talk about a solution for that.

The message "Error 2015: Others" is displayed when the error occurs.

Hikvision SADP tool error 2015 others

Hikvision SADP error 2015 message

Let's understand why the problem occurs and how to solve it.

What causes the Error 2015 on the SADP tool

The error 2015 shows up when the devices are in different subnet range.

You usually see this error message when the computer running the SADP tool and the devices (DVR, NVR, or IP cameras) are not using similar IP addresses and subnet masks that allow them to be part of the same logical network.

SADP Tool and DVR on different network

SADP Tool and DVR on different subnets

As you can see in the diagram, the DVR has the IP, and the laptop has g the, which is on a different subnet range. (supposing both are using the same subnet mask Let's talk about how to fix that problem.

How to fix the SADP Error 2015

You can add an extra IP address to your computer/laptop to match the Hikvision IP device's range to make the SADP tool work properly and then change the camera or recorder IP address to the correct subnet range. 

Let's start by adding an extra IP address to your computer/laptop.

On the bottom of the screen, right-click the network icon (close to the windows clock) and select "Open Network & Internet Settings " as shown in the picture.

Open Network and Internet Settings

(If you don't see this icon, just open the Control Panel and the Network & Internet).

Next, click on "Change adapter options".

Winbdows Change Adapter Options

You may see a screen with the network adapters, as shown below.

Windows Network Connections

Right-click the interface that represents your connection and select "Properties".

Ethernet interface properties

Double-click the "Internet Procotol Version 4" or click the "Properties" button.

Windows Ethernet Properties

Click the "Avanced" button to open the next window.

Windows Ethernet Properties Advanced

Click the "Add..." button to add an extra IP address.

Windows Ethernet Properties Add IP

Add the extra IP address to the Ethernet interface.

Windows Ethernet Properties Add Extra IP

After adding an extra IP address to the computer/laptop, the SADP tool can find the devices in the devices without a problem, and the error just goes away.

That's cool, huh?

Now you can open the SADP tool and do whatever you want to do.

As you can see in the diagram below, the devices are in the same subnet range.

SADP Tool and DVR on the same subnet

You shouldn't see the SADP error 2015 anymore.

I recommend you change the Hikvision device IP address to the same subnet range used by your computer, and then you can remove the extra IP if you want to.

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The Hikvision SADP error 2015 can be easily fixed. You just need to set up every device on the local network to same subnet range and the error disappers. 

If you need extra information, please visit the Hikvsion website.

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