Hikvision Redundancy Record in Group Mode

Various models of Hikvision recorders (NVR/DVR) have a mode that can back up footage automatically. In this article, we will explore Hikvision Redundancy Record mode.

The technology in the world is amplifying, and with it is growing the automation of devices. The Hikvision Redundancy Record mode allows users to sit back and relax as their recorded footage is stored and saved as a backup.

However, to enable and use this feature, the redundancy has to be set to group mode, and the recorder must have two or more hard disks integrated.

Since you need two disks for this function, you can assume that the CCTV system will record the footage simultaneously on both disks. Thus, if one is lost or damaged, you have a replica as a backup.

This can be used on cameras considered crucial to the security of your home or establishment. And for instance, it can be the difference between having proof or being empty-handed in a robbery.

This guide will show you how to enable the Hikvision Redundancy Record mode on a Hikvision recorder.

How to set up Hikvision Redundancy Record mode (In group)

Before you begin, check that your recorder can be used for redundancy and have surveillance-rated hard drives on hand. Using the correct hard drives is essential to keep yourself from damaging the recorder.

You must start by adjusting the group function on your recorder to enable this feature. Locate “Storage Interface” and select the “Storage Mode” from the drop-down menu on the top left.

You can now select “Group Mode” located on the right and select the channel (camera) that you want to be recorded in redundancy. Once you are done, click “Apply.” And wait as the system reboots.

Note: You can select one or more cameras to be in Hikvision Redundancy Record mode.

To start the video recording in redundancy in a group, open the storage interface and click on “Storage Device” on the top-left drop-down list. Choose “Edit” in the hard disk list, which will be set as your redundancy disk.

Enter the “Storage Devices” tab and choose the “Redundancy” option. Then click “OK” to apply these settings.

Once you have finished, go into Storage, then Record Schedule, followed by Advanced Parameters, and inspect the Redundant Record.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about Hikvision Redundancy Record mode and how to enable it. Don’t forget to always hit “Apply” to save the settings; otherwise, it won’t work.

After following the instructions, your cameras will be set to record into two hard drives simultaneously. Thus, you will always have a backup on hand when needed.