Hikvision Offline (0Xe0000105) error (solved)

Let's see how to solve the Hikvision error Offline (Xe0000105) problem.

Hikvision error Offline (Xe0000105)

The (Xe0000105) error shows up when the P2P platform (Hik-connect) is being used and you can quickly fix it by adjusting your network parameters.

You may also see this error as Offline (0Xe0000104) or Offline (0Xe0000108).

Let's take a look at how to solve these connection issues.

What causes the Hikvision (Xe0000105) error?

This error is very common when your Hikvision device (IP camera, DVR or NVR) can't connect to the network or communicate with the Hik-connect platform.

You may see an "offline status" on the Hik-connect service.

The picture below shows an example of the Hik-connect register status offline.

Hik-connect status offline

Hik-connect status Offiline

Don't worry, you can usually, fix the problem by following simple steps.

The most common causes of the failure are:

  • The Hik-connect is disabled on the device;
  • The Internet is down or not working properly;
  • A firewall is blocking the communication;
  • The DNS setup is incorrect on the device.
  • You are using a non-official Hikvision device (OEM).

The following diagram illustrates the Hik-connect communication failure.

Hik-connect server on the Internet

Let's see how to make it work.

How to fix the (Xe0000105) error

Here are the steps to fix the problem.

Make sure the device IP configuration is correct 

Login to the device and open the Network menu.

Check the configuration to ensure  the IP is correct. Also check the primary and secondary DNS, and the  Gateway used to connect to the Internet (local router).

The picture below shows a Hikvision DVR network menu.

Hikvision DVR Menu Network IP

Hikvision DVR IP configuration

Check the DNS configuration 

Make sure the DNS configuration is correct because this is very important to allow the device to reach the Hik-connect server on the Internet.

The picture below shows an example of the DNS configuration.

Hikvision DNS configuration

Hikvision DVR DNS configuration

You can always use the IPs and for the DNS servers.

Make sure the Hik-connect service is enabled

Go to   "Configuration >> Network >> Advanced Settings >> Plataform access".

Hik-connect enabled on a Hikvision Camera

As you can see in the picture the Hik-connect is enabled.

Check the router firewall

Your  firewall can prevent the device to reach the Internet and the Hik-connect server which can cause the (Xe0000105) error.

Make sure there's no rule on the local router  that is blocking the traffic.

Talk to the vendor

If you have a Hikvision OEM product, chances are the Hik-connect will not work.

Talk to the vendor to ask if the OEM device you have can use such a service.


You can usually solve this problem by fixing the Hik-connect connection.

If you need extra help, please visit the Hikvision website.

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