Hikvision IP Camera Cannot Be Reset Using The Reset Button.

At times you might have to reset Hikvision IP Camera without using the reset button. Learn how in this article.

There are plenty of times that you might have to reset your Hikvision cameras, and the reset button might not work. If you have already tried resetting the camera through the button and it did not work, you are missing something.

So no matter how long you push the button, nothing happens? The truth is that this reset button always works for resetting a Hikvision camera. Nevertheless, there is a trick to resetting these Hikvision IP cameras.

First, you will need to turn the camera off, press the resetting button, and power back on after. Below you can see a detailed guide on how to reset your camera.

Steps to reset Hikvision’s IP Camera

As previously mentioned, you cannot reset Hikvision IP Camera without using the reset button. Instead, you will need to open up the camera and locate the reset button inside.

Most times, it will be a push-down reset button located on the motherboard and near the microSD slot.

Hikvision IP camera reset button

To reset your Hikvision IP Camera, disconnect it from the PoE or power cable to power it off completely, then press and hold the reset as you reconnect the camera’s PoE or power supply cable. 

Once you have connected the camera to its power supply again, hold the button for twenty seconds before releasing it.

After you have reset your camera, use a web browser or SAPD tool to set the camera up and running again. Since the default IP address is, the camera will not be active.

If the camera is an older version, the password to log in should be the default 12345. Need to Reset Hikvision Camera Password? Check out the article!

Final Thoughts

Now you know there is no way to reset the Hikvision IP Camera without using the reset button. There just is the correct way to reset your camera, and you might be doing it incorrectly. 

Make sure you learn the proper way to reset the camera to keep yourself from breaking it.