Hikvision Error Code Offline(0X1001) – Solved

Is your Hikvision device giving you a hard time? They can’t function perfectly all of the time. Let’s talk about the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code.

This code appears when users attempt to vire their Hikvision recorder (NVR/DVR) in the Platform Access tab. It can also occur when using the P2P method known as Hik-Connect.

In a more technological aspect, the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code generates as the Hikvision recorder or an IP camera can’t communicate with Hik-Connect through the P2P protocol.

Hikvision enable Hik-connect

Below you will find tips to fix this error and get the communication back. If you need help with other Hikvision errors, check out the articles!

Fixing the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code

First, make sure the Hikvision recorder has an excellent strong connection to WiFi, as one of the most common issues that cause the error is a lack of internet connection.

Guarantee that the Ethernet cable is plugged in correctly at both ends and the back of the port of the recorder is blinking.

Next, open the Network settings for your recorder and double-check that the IP settings are in order and that your IP address continues to be unique to you.

If you want to facilitate things, set your IP address to DHCP mode, which will assign an IP to your recorder automatically.

Hikvision DHCP and Auto DNS

Continuing on the Network settings, find the DNS server and set it to manually. Type in for Prefered DNS or for Alternate DNS.

Once you are done, select Apply to save the settings and return to Platform Access to check if the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code remains there.

If, on the other hand, you would rather add in your own IP address, enter it under the same settings as your router. The address should be unique and have a correct Gateway and Subnet mask.

Furthermore, check that the ports are open correctly. Most recorders require the following ports open to function correctly: HTTP, RTSP, and Server.

Due to reported firmware bugs that can cause the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code, it is crucial always to have the latest update. Get the correct firmware for your device and update your Hikvision recorder as quickly as possible.

Update your router’s firmware if possible as well. Once done, reboot your NVR/DVR and your router and check for the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a few factors can trigger the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code; nevertheless, they can be quickly fixed if needed.