Hik-connect device added by other users (solution)

In this article, I show how to fix the problem with a smartphone app or software that displays the message "The device is added by other users" or a similar message when adding a new Hikvision camera or recorder to the Hik-connect.

Operation failed The device is added by other users

Another common message is, "The device has already been added by another account." It's basically the same issue, and here you will learn how to fix it.

Hikvision message the device has already been added by another account

Error message on the Iphone

The error shows up on Android or iPhone devices with similar messages.

What causes the error

Hikvision limits the number of devices per account.

You can add only one IP camera, DVR, or NVR to a user account.

The message "The device is added by other users" indicates that somebody else is already added the camera or recorder to the Hik-connect platform.

This limitation is not a glitch on the system, but only a security measure Hikvision takes to prevent the user's devices from been added to other accounts.

Fix “The device is added by other users” error

To fix the "The device is added by other users" error, you need to unbind the device from the Hik-connect account, so it becomes available for a new binding.

There are different ways to fix this problem.

  • Using the Hik-connect app;
  • Using the SADP tool.

Let's take a look at them.

Using the Hik-connect app

You can use the Hik-connect app to unbind the device from the account.

Use an Android phone. There's a small problem with iPhones (more on that later).

Your smartphone and device (camera or recorder) must be in the same network.

During the setup (adding a device) on an Android phone, an Unbind button is available to allow you to unlink the device from the Hik-connect account.

Hikvision Unbind device button

Android Phone - Unbind Device

Click the "Unbind Device" button and enter the credentials (user name and password) to complete the operation. A captcha code verification may be required.

Hikvision Unbind device button credentials

Android phone - Unbind confirmation

And that's it. You may see the message "The device is unbond from the account".

The device is unbound from the account

And now, your device is no longer tied to the Hik-connect account.

You can start the process all again and add your Hikvision camera or recorder.

Sometimes the "Unbind button" does not show up on iPhones, so it's necessary to temporarily use an Android phone to complete the unbinding process.

Let's move to the other methods...

Use the SADP tool to unbind the device

The SADP tool is handy to manage Hikvision devices.

You can use it to solve the problem with the device is added by other users.

Here's the step-by-step to do that.

  • Open the SADP tool;
  • Select the camera or recorder;
  • Click the "Unbind" button.
SADP Tool Unbind Button

SADP Tool - Unbind button (click to enlarge)

You may see a confirmation message.

Unbind successful message

And that's all. Your problem is solved.


Now you know how to fix the device is added by other users issue.

For extra information please visit the Hikvision website.

As you can see, the process is simple, but sometimes people don't have such information and need some help, so please share this article with your friends.