Hik-connect connection failed (solved)

In this article, I explain how to solve the Hik-connect connection failed problem.

Using the Hik-connect service is the easiest way to have remote access to Hikvision IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRS, but sometimes you can face some issues that prevent you from seeing your camera live via the Internet.

Let's take a look at how to solve these connection issues.

What causes the Hik-connect failed problem

When you set up your Hikvision IP camera or recorder on a local network and want to have remote access to them, it's necessary to make sure the devices can communicate with the Hik-connect server on the Internet.

The picture below shows an example of the Hik-connect register status offline.

Hik-connect status offline

Hik-connect status Offiline

Usually, the failed to connect message shows up when the device can't reach the Internet because some configuration is missing.

The most common causes of the failure are:

  • The Hik-connect service is not enabled on the device;
  • The local Internet connection is down;
  • There's a firewall blocking the communication;
  • Incorrect DNS setup on the device.
  • You are using a non-official Hikvision device.

The Hik-connect server is online on the Internet waiting for the camera.

You need to check what is missing on the camera set up on the local network.

Hik-connect server on the Internet

It's time to learn how to check the IP camera setup.

How to fix the Hik-connect failed problem

Here are the steps to fix the problem.

Check the device IP configuration 

Login to the device and go to the Network menu.

Check the configuration to make sure the IP is correct according to your local network IP range. The information about IP, DNS, and Gateway must be correct.

The picture below shows a Hikvision DVR menu, but you can also use the web interface to access the network configuration menu.

Hikvision DVR Menu Network IP

Hikvision DVR IP configuration

Check the DNS configuration 

The DNS configuration is very important to allow the device to reach the server.

The picture below shows an example of the DNS configuration on a Hikvision DVR.

Hikvision DNS configuration

Hikvision DVR DNS configuration

You can use the IPs and for the DNS servers.

Enable the Hik-connect service

Make sure the Hik-connect service is enabled in the camera or recorder.

Check the  "Configuration >> Network >> Advanced Settings >> Plataform access".

Hik-connect enabled on a Hikvision Camera

This picture shows an example with the web interface, but you can use the DVR or NVR menu as long as you open the same menus.

Check the firewall

Sometimes a firewall prevents an application from reaching the server.

Make sure there's no rule on the computer or router that is blocking the traffic.

The picture below shows a rule for the Hikvision iVMS-4200 on the Windows firewall.

Hikvision iVMS 4200 rules on Windows firewall

Talk to the seller

Usually, the Hikvision OEM products can't use services like Hik-connect.

Talk to the people that sold you the device to ask about the use of such service.


Talk to the people that sold you the device to ask about the use of such service.

Most of the time, you can solve the Hik-connect connection failed problem by following the steps. If you can't fix the issue, please visit the Hikvision website.

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