Does Wyze make outdoor cameras?

Wyze cameras are very popular due to its quality and low price tag and now people are asking "Does Wyze make outdoor cameras". Let's discuss that...

The short answer is no, Wyze doesn't make outdoor cameras yet but a new outdoor model is coming soon, so it's just a question of time until you get yours.

The Wyze outdoor camera design

It's possible to take a sneak peek at the Wyze Outdoor camera at the FCC site and see some pictures, product specification, tests , and the preliminary user manual.

The camera

The outdoor camera is bulky but still preserves the same cubic style.

Wyze Cam outdoor

According to the manual available on the website, the camera will work with a base station but the details about how they suppose to operate are still unclear.

The user manual

The manual shows some details of the product.

There's a light sensor (which is very common for outdoor cameras), the lens mounted on a sphere, a microphone, SD card slot, a removal mounting magnetic base and the buttons to turn the camera on and sync to the base station.

wyze outdoor cam user manual

What is interesting about this model is that it comes with a microphone that must be protected from water which raises a concern about how good the audio would be with a weather-proof case. Let's wait and see the results.

When the camera will be available?

To date, it's still not possible to precisely answer this question, I hope soon I can update this article with new information about the new model launch.

If you visit the Wyze Cam forum you will find a post from the Wyze Social Media Community Manager, Gwendolyn Evans saying that the team has been working on the outdoor camera with the manufacturer and the camera it's still in the design phase. But this is an old post from November 2018.


The traditional Wyze Cam V2 and Wyze Pan are not Weather proof.

It took a long time for the Wyze team to design an outdoor weather-proof  model, probably because it's hard to have an inexpensive outdoor camera to follow the company's principles of offering quality products at a low price tag.

It's unclear when the Wyze outdoor camera will be available for purchase, but at least now we can see that the product is in the testing and approval phase.

Now you have the answer to your question and you know that Wyze makes outdoor cameras. It shouldn't take long to have it in our hands, let's just wait for it.

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