What are the Common Mistakes While Installing Security Cameras

What are the Common Mistakes While Installing Security Cameras? 

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That's a common question that deserves a detailed answer...

Security cameras are vital to keeping properties, especially homes and business establishments safe. However, security cameras are also used on streets and other open public places. 

Mistakes While Installing Security Cameras Can Cause You A Lot of Problems

Just like in our homes and business establishments, it is for security purposes, and monitoring, in case of crimes.

However, there are instances when these security cameras do not work correctly. 

The most common causes or reasons for this issue are mistakes that we commit during the installation of the said equipment.

What are these mistakes, and how can we avoid them? 

What should we do to resolve these problems if they already exist? Read on and find out as we have information and tips regarding this topic.

Expecting too Much from Your Security System

Now, this is among the top ten mistakes we commit while installing security cameras. We expect too much from our security camera system.

Poweful Lens to Represent How Far Can A Security Camera See

For instance, expecting it to capture vivid images and video despite the distance of the object. Understand this. There are brands and security camera types that are not that capable of doing such a task.

In other words, it does not come with features or specifications indicating that they can capture clear images and videos even if the subject is far.

Remember that security cameras have limitations in its area of coverage.

However, if you do want your security cameras to provide you with such services, get one with features and functions that will satisfy your need. Just have the question in mind, "This security system worth the money?"

Choose the right security system

The best device to get if you want vivid and clear videos and images of distant objects is to get a security camera with higher resolution.

This way, it will at least assure you that the pictures and videos will be clear. Enhancing the images will not that be of much help either.

The action may just “deform” or distort images. And it will not be clear still. It will be more blurry than ever if you enhance it. But still, do not expect too much.

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IR LED Lights Blocked

This is a very common mistake when installing a security camera with infrared.

Blocking the infrared LED lights will not help either. This is another mistake. Infrared LED lights are helpful in situations when the lighting in the area where you install your security camera is not that good.

But do not get the wrong idea that security cameras can see in the dark. It is the camera’s infrared capabilities working.

We cannot see the IR lights. But we will know that it is working if we see the images produced by the security camera.

To us, the area is pitch dark, especially when the sun is down. However, with the IR capabilities of a security camera, the images it captures of the area is bright.

This is the reason why you need to make sure that when you install your security camera, see to it that its infrared LED lights are not blocked.

I also recommend you buying infrared camera with ICR (Infrared Cut Removal).

Connections That Are Not Weatherproof  

This mistake can cause you some extra money to repair the camera later. So it's better to install and protect your security camera to prevent that from happening.

It is essential to weatherproof your connections. This is for your security camera system to be able to withstand any type of weather, especially during too much rain.

weatherproof video surveillance camera

If you forget to weatherproof your connections, then in case of weather problems, it might affect the function of your security camera system. So, never forget to weatherproof your connections, and the security camera system, as a whole.

Wrong Camera’s Field of View

The location and angle of your camera is a significant factor. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your camera’s field of view, then make sure you angle it correctly.

The focal length affects how far a security camera can see

How can you cover the whole front yard and porch if your camera is angled up? So position it correctly and install it in an area where there are no or fewer hindrances to block its view.

In other words, you cannot just place your cameras anywhere. Placing your cameras randomly might not be a good idea. 

As they might be installed in an area where it might not be able to do much to help secure and protect your property. Therefore, make sure that you plan where to put your security camera properly.

Install it in a place where it can have more extensive coverage. And can, therefore, give you an angle which will be much help in your aim of protecting and securing your property. So, remember, camera angle and placement are important factors.

Cable Skimping

Cables play an essential role in the installation of a security camera. If you skimp on your cable, then you might encounter problems in the future. Skimping on your cables ca affect the functionality of your security camera system.

Make sure the cables you get for your security cameras are not of low quality.

You might have saved on the cable cost, but you will not be able to get the most out of your security camera system.

Cheap cables are not that reliable. They might end up messing up your security camera system. Remember that a security camera system is an investment.

That you spent quite a sum just to have it installed. But if you use cheap or home-made cables, you might not be able to get your money’s worth.

Solid copper cables are more reliable and durable than copper clad cables. So, again, use high-quality cables for your security camera system to get the most out of its benefits.

However, in cases where you need to install a security camera system in an area whose distance is greater than the allowed maximum distance of 300 feet, you can use a PoE extender to boost your signal up to 600 feet.

Weak Signal and Software Update

When installing a security camera, make sure that it will be able to have a good internet connection. A WiFi signal is the brain of a security camera system.

A good WiFi signal is needed for the security camera system to transmit data, alerts, and information, hence including images and video footage.

It is also essential to update the software regularly. Security camera systems of today come with the latest that technology has to offer, especially when talking about its features.

Therefore, it is prone to viruses and the like. To avoid or prevent malware from infiltrating your software, you need to update it regularly.

The security camera’s manufacturer provides software updates. So you can just check their website or request for the latest software update from them.

Wireless Security Cameras, Anyone?

You might have a penchant for wireless security cameras and might want to install them everywhere. Well, it might not be a good idea. Why? 

Well, wireless security cameras are not that reliable. Besides they are prone to hacking and other forms of cyberattacks.

Furthermore, wireless security cameras experience lags and sometimes even loss of video footage and images. But don't get me wrong. 

Wireless security cameras are good, too. But not as replacements to hardwired security cameras, but as supplements.

They can even extend the coverage of your hardwired security camera just that it is not that reliable when it comes to functionality and image quality.

Limitations in Recorder Size

Limiting your recorder size might not be a good idea. For instance, you have several security cameras. But you only have one small recorder.

SD cards for security cameras

Do you think your recorder will be able to handle the data these cameras are sending to the recorder for storage? Of Course not! Therefore, you must balance the size of your recorder with the quantity, size, and type of your security cameras.

If you are using SD cards for CCTV is better to choose some good ones.

Buy From Reputable Companies

Now, this is very important. But good quality security cameras from reputable brands are expensive. Well, not quite.

Home security camera brands

Take note of this. You might have saved quite a sum from buying a security camera from unknown brands. However, you might end up spending too much compared to buying from reputable brands.

These types do not come with a complete package. So you need to purchase accessories and whatever goes with it so you can install it properly.

Hence, when you add everything up, you end up spending more than if you bought from reputable brands.

So, it is always advisable to purchase from reputable brands. They might be a little expensive, but you are guaranteed of its functionality, durability, and dependability.

In addition to this, they come with warranty and technical support in case your security camera experiences malfunctions.

Closing Up

Security cameras are gaining popularity these days. More and more homes and business establishments are installing security camera systems for protection and safety purposes.

However, if these devices do not function properly, it will not serve its purpose, making our properties unsecure still. Therefore, to make sure that we will get the full benefits of these devices, we must make sure that they are correctly installed.

Keeping our properties, especially our home and family well-protected and safe, is one most important thing. Therefore, we need to be extra careful when making this possible and in finding ways to achieve this goal.

If you are not that sure about such things as the installation of security cameras, you can always get the services of experts.

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