HDMI Splitter Orei

Connect Multiple Monitors to your Security Camera System (NVR, DVR)

Monitors allow you to view the cameras live. But the more, the merrier, right? This article will teach you how to connect multiple monitors to your security system. It is possible to place monitors in different parts of your home or business—for instance, one in your office and one in the break room. The connection […]

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network connection on the cloud

How Cloud-Based Technology Is The Future Of The Physical Security World

The cloud-based security industry is projected to value over $37 billion by 2026. If considering upgrading your existing security system, you should read about the benefits of cloud-based security technology. This guide will discuss the significant benefits of cloud-based technology and the different cloud-based solutions that could minimize vulnerabilities and risks in your existing system. […]

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Network Switch

Difference Between Active PoE and Passive PoE Switch

Active and Passive PoE can be a great addition to your security system. But what is the difference between them? What is PoE? PoE means Power over Ethernet. This function transfers power and data through the same Ethernet cable. Thus, the reasoning behind using it is the lack of need for two separate cables. Usually, […]

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Network Diagram with UTP cable

How to wire a surveillance camera

In this article, I explain how to wire a surveillance camera.There are different types of cables for surveillance cameras, depending on the model you are using. Let’s discuss the scenario for analog and IP cameras. How to wire an analog surveillance cameraAnalog cameras can use coaxial or UTP (network) cables to send the signal to a […]

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Active baluns for CCTV

Video balun for CCTV (how it works)

You can use a video balun for CCTV to convert from one type of cable to another. This type of device is very common on video surveillance projects that use analog cameras and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders).What is a balun ?A video balun is a device used to adapt the type of connection to allow the […]

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Security camera installer

What are the Common Mistakes While Installing Security Cameras

What are the Common Mistakes While Installing Security Cameras? That’s a common question that deserves a detailed answer…Security cameras are vital to keeping properties, especially homes and business establishments safe. However, security cameras are also used on streets and other open public places. Mistakes While Installing Security Cameras Can Cause You A Lot of ProblemsJust like in […]

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Wireless IP camera guide

Wireless Network Design for CCTV (the best guide ever)

What’s your first concern about installing security cameras for long distance monitoring such as a CCTV metropolitan surveillance system?The first question that comes to your mind is “How to transmit the videos to a CCTV surveillance center”? That’s when you think about wireless IP camera.But the design of a wireless CCTV metropolitan project is not that simple […]

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HDMI extender

How to connect a DVR to TV (using HDMI extender)

If you need to carry the video signal from your DVR for long distances, one solution is to use an HDMI extender that allows you to use Category 5 or 6 network cables to extend the signal to distances that can reach up to 120m.Sometimes you come across that situation where the use of an HDMI […]

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Power over Coax for CCTV cameras

What is Power Over Coax (PoC) for CCTV

Do you know you can power up your security camera by using Power Over Coax (PoC) without the need to use extra cables?This is the solution that many installers were expecting. Just connect a single cable to the camera and you are done. Video, PTZ commands and power sent over coaxial cable makes the installation […]

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Death of the Analog CCTV

Analog CCTV is about to die

With the evolution of CCTV systems, major competitors in the market began to create new technologies that will ultimately cause the death of the traditional analog CCTV systems.The high-resolution analog camera technology on the market is recent and promising, isn’t it? So why people say that the analog is about to die?The fact is that […]

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