Hikvision DVR keyboard – how to change from lowercase to uppercase

If you want to change the Hikvision DVR keyboard from lowercase to uppercase, this article can help you. Just keep reading.

The Hikvision DVR and NVR have a virtual on-screen keyboard, and sometimes you need to change the case it's using to type capital letters.

By default, the keyboard is in lowercase mode, but you can use the shift key to change it to uppercase, as shown in the picture below.

Hikvision virtual keyboard

Note the arrow with different colors, if it's white, that means the keyboard is in lower case, and if it's in a different color (usually light blue), the uppercase is on.

The solution for the wrong password problem

Sometimes you get the "wrong password" message when you try to enter the username and password due to the upper and lower case problem, so if you know how to change from upper to lower and vice-versa, that can help you a lot.

As alternative, you can login into the DVR using a web browser which allows you to use the computer's keyboard and avoid mistakes when typing the password.

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